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SUNY GCC announces spring 2023 provost's list

By Press Release

Press Release:

243 students from Genesee Community College named to Provost's List. Students honored on the Provost's List have maintained part-time enrollment and earned a quality point index of 3.75 (roughly equivalent to an A) or better.

  • Melanie Pohl of Alexander 
  • Phyllissa Mitzel of Alexander 
  • Ian Edmonds of Alexander
  • Alan Riggi of Alexander 
  • Kevin Neureuter of Batavia
  • Carrie Lathan of Batavia
  • Jill Kratz of Batavia 
  • Maranda Vanelli of Batavia
  • Michelle Witherow of Batavia 
  • Jennifer Kula of Batavia
  • Naomi Peck of Batavia 
  • Lauren Reimer of Batavia
  • Anthony Haitz of Batavia
  • Brandon Delaporte of Batavia
  • Amanda Woodrich of Batavia
  • Stephanie Gordon of Batavia
  • Shamiqua Hickman of Batavia
  • David Boyce of Batavia 
  • Kelly Smith of Batavia
  • Catherine Richardson of Batavia
  • Kingsley Antwi Darkwa of Batavia
  • Alexander Frank of Batavia
  • Seth Coburn of Batavia
  • James Pulliam of Batavia
  • Don Buckel of Batavia
  • Leah Buckel of Batavia
  • Katie Abaire of Batavia
  • Theresa Tesch of Batavia 
  • Elizabeth Rindell of Batavia 
  • Jessica Barone of Batavia 
  • Maia Hoffman-Miller of Batavia
  • Sara Smith of Batavia
  • Samantha Conibear of Batavia 
  • Mikhail Saxton of Corfu
  • Neve Tilley of Corfu 
  • Colton Tarbell of Corfu 
  • Raymond Vanelli of Corfu 
  • Autumn Korytkowski of Corfu
  • Trenton Woods of East Bethany 
  • Aidan McClurg of Elba
  • Elizabeth Verratti of Elba
  • Genevieve Roman of Oakfield
  • Cierra Tiede of Oakfield 
  • Melinda Osborn of Oakfield 
  • Jacob Cone of Stafford
  • Amara Condidorio of Le Roy
  • Matthew Bolton of Le Roy
  • Dylan Dziekan of Pavilion

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