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SUNY GCC announces their fall 2023 president's list

By Press Release

Press Release:

198 students from Genesee Community College were named to the President's List. Students honored on the President's List have maintained full-time enrollment and earned a quality point index of 3.75 (roughly equivalent to an A) or better.

  • Phyllissa Mitzel of Alexander
  • Julia Lennon of Alexander
  • Kristian Natalizia of Alexander
  • Christian Haller of Alexander
  • Brendan Burgess of Batavia 
  • Rachel Gelabale of Batavia 
  • Alexandra Christopher of Batavia
  • Ryan Bowen of Batavia
  • Alexander Hunt of Batavia
  • Michelle Witherow of Batavia
  • Elizabeth Clark of Batavia 
  • Danielle Clark of Batavia
  • Allison Dent of Batavia
  • Christian DeSantis of Batavia 
  • Aden Chua of Batavia
  • Paul Daniszewski of Batavia
  • Duane Kross of Batavia
  • Ashley Hightower of Batavia 
  • Clara Wood of Batavia
  • Amanda Audelo of Batavia
  • Stacie Stein of Batavia 
  • Joseph Perl of Batavia 
  • Hailey Smith of Batavia
  • Blake Pahuta of Corfu 
  • Alec Skeet of Corfu 
  • Isabella Wheeler of Darien Center
  • Julia Yax of Darien Center 
  • Michael Miller of East Bethany 
  • Kyra Rhodes of Oakfield 
  • Heidi Burdick of Oakfield
  • Tyhler Wood of Oakfield
  • Kenneth Kline of Oakfield
  • Athena Mitchell of Oakfield 
  • Erica Scott of Stafford
  • Joan-Marie Gabalski of Byron 
  • Sean Whiting of Le Roy 
  • Mia Hampton of Le Roy 
  • Maverick Blachowicz of Le Roy 
  • Makayla Grant of Le Roy 
  • Willard Prevost of Le Roy 
  • Morgan Beverly of Le Roy 
  • Shaun Graham of Le Roy
  • Bryn Luckey of Le Roy 
  • Matthew Bolton of Le Roy 
  • Ian Kepple of Le Roy 
  • Colton Dziekan of Pavilion 
  • Dylan Wiedrich of Pavilion 
  • Lauren Russell of Pavilion
  • Alaina Rowe of Pavilion

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