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Talk of oil sanctions against Russia sends prices soaring, average up 48 cents in Genesee County

By Press Release

Press release from Automobile Association of America:

Today’s national average price for a gallon of gasoline is $4.07, up 46 cents from last week. One year ago, the price was $2.77. The New York State average is 4.26, up 46 cents from last week. A year ago, the NYS average was $2.83. AAA Western and Central New York (AAA WCNY) reports the following averages:

  • Batavia - $4.23 (up 48 cents from last week)
  • Buffalo - $4.21 (up 46 cents from last week)
  • Ithaca - $4.22 (up 41 cents from last week)
  • Rochester - $4.24 (up 45 cents from last week)
  • Rome - $4.22 (up 44 cents from last week)
  • Syracuse - $4.24 (up 49 cents from last week)
  • Watertown - $4.25 (up 46 cents from last week)

According to, the United States has confirmed that it is in talks with European allies to potentially sanction Russian crude oil in response to Moscow's ongoing aggression in Ukraine – that sent oil prices over $130. This morning, oil prices are more than $124 per barrel – in August, oil prices were $30 per barrel. At one point during the pandemic they were below zero, in negative territory.

From Gas Buddy:

“There are few words to describe the unprecedented rise in gasoline prices over the last week, with massive spikes coast to coast in both gasoline and diesel prices, as oil prices jump to their highest since 2008. Forget the $4 per gallon mark, the nation will soon set new all-time record highs and we could push closer to a national average of $4.50/gal. California could be heading for $5.50 per gallon with more stations charging $6 and beyond," said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy. "We've never been in this situation before, with this level of uncertainty. As we lose a major global producer under the weight of deserving bipartisan sanctions for invading a sovereign country, the cost is high. Americans will be feeling the pain of the rise in prices for quite some time, with little good news foreseen."

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