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April 7, 2022 - 5:33pm

Volunteers complete annual refresher course for hazardous materials response

posted by Press Release in fire services, news, Oakfield, Alabama.

Press release:

The Hazardous Materials First Responder Operation Annual Refresher is a 4-hour class, which satisfies the annual refresher training required by OSHA for hazardous materials.  NYS Fire Instructors ae conducted these 4-hour refresher classes in locations around the county, the most recent of which was held in the West Battalion on March 21, 2022.

This course provides participants with a review of the nine classes of materials, the use of the US DOT Emergency Response Guidebook, principles of containment, confinement, and extinguishment within the scope of the duties of a first responder at the Operations Level.

Responders who fulfilled their annual refresher training requirement on March 21 were:


  • Ronald D. Bauer
  • Richard T. Brunea
  • Patrick J. Buczek
  • Ashley B. Thompson
  • Sidney N. Eick
  • Annette J. Johnson
  • Henry  Mudrzynski
  • Joshua V. Mullen
  • Gary L. Patnode
  • Gary P. Patnode
  • Gary R. Patnode
  • Michelle Patnode
  • Brianna D. Smith
  • Mark Smith
  • Alison L. Thompson
  • Ryan M. Thompson
  • Terry R. Thompson
  • Todd M. Thompson
  • Joseph A. Uhrinek
  • Patrick J. Watson


  • Sean T. Downing
  • Daniel C. Luker
  • Jacob D. Matteson
  • Andrew S. Pilc
  • Peter A. Scheiber

Future Hazardous Materials First Responder Operation Annual Refresher will be offered on Monday, April 11, 2022 at the Elba Rec Hall (7143 Oak Orchard Road) and Monday, April 25 at the Pembroke Fire Hall (630 Main Street, Corfu, NY).  Contact the Genesee County Fire Training Center to register.

Visit your local fire department to find out more about volunteer opportunities


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