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Dewitt Park

By Susan Kennelly

I go to Dewitt park every morning to walk  I have been walking there twice a day all summer as part of my routine (before and after my knee surgery the end of June) .   I think it's a beautiful park.  Here are a few pics from a recent walk. 


My grandson Christopher came for a walk with me friday morning.

Veiw from the path.

another veiw from the path.

Christopher took this sunny veiw from the dock.

Mirror image.


Susan Kennelly

Before my surgery I was walking any where from 1/2 mile to 1 mile a day. I'd go to the park and walk around the track once or twice and the old people (some with canes and walkers) would pass me. LOL I was so frustrated.

Now I walk 2 miles in the morning, 2 miles in the afternoon and 3 to 5 miles at night. Now and then I walk at the county park and I will take my grand children to Akron Falls Park. If I go out to the county park and walk the trails in the evening I probably walk closer to 7 miles.

Trying to work my way back up to 10 miles a day which is what I was walking before I hurt my knee last winter.

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Mardell Lamb

Wow! Good for you, Susan. Ten miles is quite impressive indeed! Did you hurt your knee while walking?! Just curious. I used to walk 6 miles/day regardless of the weather extremes of WNY. I'd love to get back into it. Good luck w/your recovery! :o)

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Bea McManis

Mardell, I offered to walk with her, but I think she is ignoring my suggestion. lol
I'd be finishing my first mile while she is completing her 10th.

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Mardell Lamb

Ha ha, Bea! She'd leave you in the dust wouldn't she? Funny...I remember walking through parking lots w/my mother as a teen. She was short, I was tall (long legs.) She'd literally have to run to keep up with me. I never realized how fast I was walking, just came natural. We still laugh about it. I think back I can remember her pleading me to slow down. These days, hmmm...I think she could outwalk me anyday. She's going strong for 73 yrs. (& still working 2 P/T jobs.)

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Susan Kennelly

Hi Mardell, Thanks for the well wishes. I hurt my knee originally tripping over my dog in a dark room She was all black and had a habit of sneaking up and laying at our feet. That was 6 years ago. I could still walk and it bothered me only now and then. I re injured it at work last Oct and tore the cartilage. I kept spraining it and by March it was so bad I could barely walk on it. I'm very very glad I had the surgery, had minimal pain and was walking unassisted a week later. My dad said the surgery took 17 minutes! It took longer for them to put me out and wake me back up again. Mom came over and took care of me for a few days after but I was soon up and around on my own. It's been 9 weeks and I'm pretty much back to normal.

Mom I would walk with you, but I'm afraid my feet would get caught in your walker. LOL LOL

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Bea McManis

Posted by Susan Kennelly on August 24, 2009 - 9:58pm

Mom I would walk with you, but I'm afraid my feet would get caught in your walker. LOL LOL

Just remember who never left your side for nine months!!!
Before you have them all thinking I'm this doddering old lady, explain that I have a knee that will probably be heading for surgery too. Ergo, the walker until it is better.

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