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Abdullah Muhammad

Conversations with Calliope- Reflection

By Joseph Langen


(Oatka Creek Reflection)

JOE: Good morning Calliope.
CALLIOPE: Good morning Joe. How are you today?
JOE: Fine.
CALLIOPE: What are you up to?
JOE: Savoring a find from the other day.
CALLIOPE: Tell me about it.
JOE: I was looking for some way to capture what I tried to convey with my book, Navigating Life.
JOE: I ran across a wonderful passage by Abdullah Muhammad on an Internet site to which I belong, Iseecolor. I think it captured the essence of my book, almost as if it were written especially for me.
CALLIOPE: Are you going to share it?
JOE: Of course. Here it is:

Reflection provides an opportunity to make the right decisions, correct the wrong decisions or just make a decision in general. Reflecting offers a view of things to come to the possibility of the way things can be. Life can at times become fast paced and before you know it, we are left to deal with issues that have been given no thought, and leave us with situations we dread being in. Reflection offers a gateway into oneself that is needed in order to maintain a balance in our lives, while continuing to move forward regardless of the circumstances. Reflection is rewarding and we must acknowledge its importance. Not only when things are going well should we exercise this gift, but when things aren't so great also. Reflecting gives us an image, and that image through our reflection be it good or bad has the potential for change. Whether this change be for positive things already existing in or surrounding our lives, or some tragic incident for which there seems to be no immediate solution; our reflection provides a moment to consider all possibilities, chances are we will give ourselves the opportunity and the information to succeed.
(by Abdullah Muhammad)

What more can I say. Talk with you on Monday.

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