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batavia and le roy

Group that includes local artists displays work for first time in Ohio

By Billie Owens

(Submitted photo: "Winter Morning," painting by Don Grieger of The All Weather Gang, a group whose works are now on display at Elzay Gallery at Ohio Northern University's Wilson Fine Art Building through Oct. 5.)

Press release:

The All Weather Gang is a group of diverse individuals (think aerospace engineer and English teacher to graphic designer and owner of a construction company) from Western New York, including Batavia and Le Roy, who have met almost every Saturday for decades to go outdoors and paint in weather that at times would give even the U.S. Postal Service reason to reconsider.

They gather to paint the world around them and by doing so to draw attention to the scenes that "every one looks at, but no one sees." For the first time, the group's artwork is on display in Ohio.

The new exhibition, which opened Aug. 29 runs through Oct. 5, brings together paintings from summer, fall, winter and spring that are painted en plein air (outdoors) and on site.

The show is at the Elzay Gallery located at Ohio Northern University's Wilson Fine Art Building at 515 S. Gilbert St. in Ada. The gallery is open daily 1 to 4:30 pm. Sponsored by Ohio Northern University Art & Design Department and CASE (Committee on the Arts and Special Events).

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