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Batavia Animal Hospital

Batavia Animal Hospital planning entirely new facility

By Howard B. Owens

The Batavia Animal Hospital is going to be much bigger by the fall.

The plan by the clinic's owners, Perry Veterinary Clinic, is to tear down the existing building and build a new one just behind the current location at 3699 W. Main St. Road.

The hospital will expand from 3,000 square feet to more than 6,300 square feet.

Architect Steve Tanner, of Clark Patterson, described the new facility as "state of the art."

Among the high-tech features will be a radiology system that will allow vets in Perry's other facilities, or from home, to view x-rays and consult with the vets in Batavia, according to Bob Bausch, practice manager for Perry.

The new facility will also have what Bausch said is now standard practice in vet facilities -- a comfort room, which is a room where owners can be with their pets who are to be euthanized.

Bausch said the current facility has a hard time accommodating two doctors and the business has grown so much since it was opened in 1961 that there's "hardly room to move," he said.

The new facility will accommodate three to four doctors and Perry expects to add four to five new additional support staff.

The business will also include a new clinic to dispense pharmaceuticals for livestock.

The current hospital will remain open and in operation during the construction of the new facility behind it.

Town of Batavia Planning Board members gave initial approval to the site plan Tuesday.

Perry acquired Batavia Animal Hosptial from former owner Dr. Raymond Pray in October.

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