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Batavia black swans

Black swan rescued near Tonawanda Creek by owner

By Alecia Kaus

Kathy Willard thought her missing black swans were taken by a fox or a coyote when one turned up missing in October and then another on Thanksgiving. After a recent sighting on the Tonawanda Creek near Oliver' s Candies, Willard and her husband, Mark, decided to make the trip from Alexander to Batavia late yesterday to search the area.

Close to dark they spotted the one that had been missing since Thanksgiving.

In eight minutes Willard had it captured and in her car. 

She says the swan recognized her voice and came across the creek quickly to eat. Willard says they like people and will look to stay with other geese and ducks in ponds and creeks.

They don't do well on land and are not very good at walking. This has her nervous about finding two other swans that are still missing.

With winter approaching, many creeks and ponds will freeze over and the black swans will have nowhere safe to hide from predators.

Willard's husband gave her three black swans as an anniversary gift last November. They were purchased from a man in Oakfield who had been raising them. 

They are native to Australia and feed on grass and greens. She says if you spot one leave it alone and contact her at 585-591-2531. She will come by and capture it.

"They know me, and they know my voice," she says.       

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