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Batavia City Court judgeship

ILGR administrator endorses Durin Rogers for full-time city court judgeship

By Billie Owens

(Administrator Patricia McAllister and candidate Durin Rogers.)

Submitted photo and press release:

Stressing his experience and proven “track record” Independent Living of the Genesee Region administrator and past YWCA Interim Executive Director Patricia McAllister has endorsed part-time City Court Judge Durin Rogers in his effort to become Batavia’s next full-time judge this November.  

In noting her lengthy experience observing Rogers' work with clients of the YWCA’s domestic violence program, McAllister said: “In my 21 years at the YWCA…I got to know the passion and drive behind [Judge Rogers] whom I have come to greatly respect and admire…

"[W]hen situations involved domestic violence victims, Judge Rogers was a champion for our clients and demonstrated not only a responsive, ethical and knowledgeable character, but one of compassion and understanding of the practical issues facing domestic violence issues”

She also praised Judge Rogers’ unique judicial experience as an important factor supporting her endorsement.

“There is no substitute for [Rogers’] four years of judicial experience as a (part-time) Batavia City Court judge," McAllister said. "Judge Rogers has a proven track record holding offenders accountable while considering all aspects of each case with excellent judicial temperament.

"The newly elected City Court judge will need to hit the ground running; no other candidate can do this as Judge Rogers can… I highly recommend Judge Durin Rogers as the next full time Batavia City Court judge. He is the most qualified candidate…”

Following McAllister’s endorsement, Rogers responded, “I am honored by Ms. McAllister’s support and kind words. Her endorsement, along with the many others I have received, range from law enforcement to service agencies, to individuals who work in our community. I am very proud and humbled to have received such a wide array of endorsements from so many in our community.”

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