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Brandi Bruggman

Bruggman reports first show in NYC a big success

By Howard B. Owens


As we reported earlier, local artist Brandi Bruggman was invited to be featured at a show in New York City. Brandi sent us this picture and I asked her to write something up about her experience:

RAW Artist's event Glimpse at the Highline Ballroom in Manhattan last night was met with a great success! Two live bands were followed by five fashion shows, live special FX makeup artists, and two floors of showcasing artists and photographers.

Brandi Bruggman, a local multimedia artist who was showcasing her fine art recapped the event in saying, "I had so much fun! My artwork was well received by a wide variety of people there. I made new friends, received a lot of responses, and sold some great artwork! It was an incredible first-time showcasing experience!"

Bruggman will continue to create fine artwork and ship it internationally. She currently has a full collection up for viewing for the summer inside West End Bagels in Clifton Park.

Local artist's work featured in New York City art show

By Traci Turner

Brandi Bruggman, a multimedia artist from Batavia, will be showcasing her fine art pieces at one of the largest exhibits in Manhattan tonight.

"Glimpse" is a one-night art show at the Highline Ballroom. The multifaceted art show features work from visual artists, musicians and makeup artists.

RAW, an international arts organization, presents the show and has invited emerging independent artists from all over New York to showcase their work. The organization holds art shows in 60 cities across the United States.

"This is my first big art show in New York City that I have participated in with a whole showcase," Bruggman said. "It's a good social networking event and an opportunity for me to sell my work as well."


 ("Be Love" is one of Brandi Bruggman's paintings showcased at the art show in Manhattan. Her full showcase includes 10 paintings, sample glassware and a book of prints.)

RAW found Bruggman's work on Etsy and recruited her for the show a month ago. Due to the short notice, she has been working diligently to finish her paintings and organize a print book. All of the paintings featured in her showcase are new and made within the last 60 days.

Bruggman has owned her art business for six years. She first started her business producing Bruggies, a line of soft goods, in her college dorm room. Now her main focus is on fine arts. She does a variety of paintings and murals for local businesses but also ships her work all over the country and to England and Canada.

'Bruggies' customers lining up for hand-painted clothing items

By Howard B. Owens

When a friend of Brandi Bruggman's looked down at his Converse one day, he thought they looked like a dirty mess.

He didn't want to throw out an otherwise fine pair of shoes though, so he asked Bruggman if she could paint some art work on the shoes -- they were made out of canvass, after all.

An intriguing challenge, and Brandi gave it a try.

He loved the "new" shoes, and so did his friends.

"Somebody saw the shoes and wanted them, and then somebody saw those shoes and wanted them, and now I have a business," Bruggman said.

The 20-year-old Alexander native sells "Bruggies," as well as hats and other wearable items at Glass Roots, 12 Center St., Batavia, as well as through her Facebook account.

Each item is hand painted, coated to make it waterproof, and inspired by the individual buying it. She said she often talks with the customer, finds out that they like, asks them to provide some adjectives, and then "goes with that vibe."

Ironically, Bruggman said, before she started selling wearable art, she was having a hard time finding a market for the kind of art that hangs on walls. Now, she's selling a lot more wall art.

Often, the people who buy her shoes, or other items, realize how good she is and they commission a painting for a room in their homes.

In all, Bruggman said that since she started creating "Bruggies" in June 2009, she's sold about 200 hand-painted items.

A theater design technician major at Niagara University, with a minor in fine arts, Bruggman would love it if her fledgling business became her full income.

"If I could paint every day, that would be awesome," said Brandi.

Though, the business can't get too big, she cautioned, because she won't let anybody else paint shoes for her. She does it all herself.

Painting clothing has expanded her as an artist, she said, both from working with different materials and techniques. She's learned to use an airbrush to paint T-shirts -- but since each item is custom created, she's often painting subjects she might not otherwise.

"It's cool that I get to draw into new things," Bruggman said. "I draw things I never would have drawn before. The other day I drew a boat. I never drew a boat before.

"It's been opening new avenues of art for me," she added.

Examples of Bruggman's shoes and hats -- as well as a mural she painted -- are on display at Glass Roots, and an order for shoes, or other items, can be placed at the store. Prices for hand-painted Converse start at $85 (other shoes can go for as little as $65). A tote ranges from $20 to $50, hats from $35 to $45.

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