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Sheriff's Office warns of 'Gypsy' activity in the region

By Howard B. Owens

If you see any gypsies in the area, they may be doing more than playing a little music, warns local law enforcement officials.

A release from the Genesee County Sheriff's office, written by Chief Jerome Brewester, warns of "'Traveler' or 'Gypsy' activity" may be hitting the area, even though there are no formal complaints.

"Of particular importance is the fact that these scam artists usually prey upon the elderly and we ask that everyone assist in protecting your elderly neighbors," Brewster wrote.

Brewster passed along an information sheet of things to look for from the National Association of Bunco Investigators.

Some warning signs:

  • The repair person drives an unmarked truck or van with out-of-state plates
  • The worker has no business identification
  • You are offered a "special price" if you  sign today
  • The worker wants upfront costs or fees or accepts cash only
  • No written estimates or contracts
  • The worker has no references
  • The offer "sounds too good to be true"

Residents who spot suspicious activity are asked to contact local law enforcement.

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