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Casper Farm

July 17, 2022 - 3:07pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in Casper Farm, Stafford, Business, news.


Casper Farm's shop is still in development but it is open for business, providing some locally grown products, including beef raised right on Patrick and Crystal Casper's farm at 6671 Main Road, Stafford.

The freezers at the store are generally well stocked with strip, ribeye, tomahawk, briskets, roasts, and other cuts of "all-natural" beef.

Casper Farm is a multi-generation operation.

Patrick and Crystal are selling the beef they raise, which is butchered at Burley Brothers in Attica.

The store also sells cheese from Craig's Creamy in Pavilion and local maple syrup.  The Caspers intend to add more locally sourced products.

Crystal also makes a line of seasonings.

Photo: Caitlin Mattis, Carolyn Stewart, and Jon Casper. (Patrick and Crystal were busy at the Oatka Festival when The Batavian stopped by the shop yesterday.)  Photo by Howard Owens.

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