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Christmas Program

December 19, 2020 - 1:27pm

Photos and information from Jason Clark, of St. Paul Lutheran School.

The children at St. Paul Lutheran School have been practicing for their Christmas Program since the beginning of November.

"We have the kindergarten through third-grade students spaced out 12-feet apart in the Sanctuary as the choir, with the fourth- and fifth-grade students on the 'stage' having memorized the lines," says Clark. "We will be videotaping the play during school hours, then sending out a link to the school families and church members to watch the play at home."

The title of this year's play is "The First Leon, Discovering the True Meaning of Christmas." It's a dramatic 35-minute children's musical created by Dennis and Nan Allen in which the Christmas story is told as seen through the eyes of Leon. He's special. See, Leon's name spelled backward is Noel, and since discovering that, he's felt called to tell the world the true meaning of Christmas.

The play is being directed by Jennifer Dunn.

Top photo: Members of the fourth- and fifth-grade class at St. Paul's Lutheran School.

Below: Sam McMillan and Lilly.


Below back row from left: Addison Kilian, Amelia Paratore and Cordelia Rivers. Addison Forsyth is in front.


Below five photos: members of the choir comprised of the kindergarteners through third-graders.

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