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July 20, 2022 - 2:48pm
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Press Release:

ITHACA, NY (07/20/2022)-- Ithaca College congratulates students named to the Dean's List for the spring 2022 semester. They are:

Aleah Callan of Batavia 

Brianna Warrant of Corfu

About Ithaca College

Founded in 1892, Ithaca College is a residential college dedicated to building knowledge and confidence through a continuous cycle of theory, practice and performance. Home to some 5,200 students, the college offers more than 90 degree programs in its schools of Business; Communications; Humanities and Sciences; Health Sciences and Human Performance; and Music, Theatre, and Dance.

Students, faculty and staff at Ithaca College create an active, inclusive community anchored in a keen desire to make a difference in the local community and the broader world. The college is consistently ranked as one of the nation's top producers of Fulbright scholars, one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly schools in the country, and one of the top 10 colleges in the Northeast.

January 20, 2022 - 6:46pm
posted by Press Release in dean's list, Announcements, college.

Press Release:

Students have been named to the Dean's List for the Fall 2021 semester at Clarkson University.

The following students have been named to the Dean's List for the fall 2021 semester at Clarkson University:

 Logan M Cadieux of Oakfield, NY, a senior majoring in mechanical engineering.

Lucy R Coniber of Corfu, NY, a freshman majoring in biology.

Matt Grover of Batavia, NY, a junior majoring in aeronautical engineering / mechanical engineering.

Paige Elizabeth Haile of Batavia, NY, a junior majoring in biology.

Colby Martin Leggo of Bergen, NY, a junior majoring in electrical engineering.

Cooper Douglas Mattice of Batavia, NY, a junior majoring in civil engineering / environmental engineering.

Dean's List students must achieve a minimum 3.25 grade-point average and also carry at least 14 credit hours.

February 6, 2019 - 3:31pm

BATAVIA -- A total of 303 students from Genesee Community College named to President's List for the fall 2018 semester. Students honored on the President's List have maintained full-time enrollment and earned a quality-point index of 3.75 (roughly equivalent to an A) or better.

Alexis Hackmer of Alexander, NY

Carli Marino of Alexander, NY

Madison Cummings of Alexander, NY

Katlyn Adamczak of Basom, NY

Rebecca Myers of Batavia, NY

Marissa Jacques of Batavia, NY

Tessa Lynn of Batavia, NY

Julia Streeter of Batavia, NY

Madison Schady of Batavia, NY

Alexander Rigerman of Batavia, NY

Cameron Sanzo of Batavia, NY

Abby Stendts of Batavia, NY

Kimberly Brodsky of Batavia, NY

Andrew Pickard of Batavia, NY

Neve Georgia of Batavia, NY

Bethany Ruffino of Batavia, NY

Jessica Caryl of Batavia, NY

Casey Beaver of Batavia, NY

Amber Snyder of Batavia, NY

Genna Rumble of Batavia, NY

Danielle Joyce of Batavia, NY

Chloe Rapone of Batavia, NY

Jennifer Bartz of Batavia, NY

Hunter Mazur of Batavia, NY

Rachel Wommack of Batavia, NY

Amnesty Ball of Batavia, NY

Jessica Accardi of Batavia, NY

Kennedy Mullen of Batavia, NY

Megan West of Batavia, NY

Nicholas Allen of Corfu, NY

Alysia Magoffin of Corfu, NY

Olivia Kohorst of Corfu, NY

Morgan Miller of Corfu, NY

Jenna Salim of Corfu, NY

Spencer Graff of Corfu, NY

Rachel Tebor of Corfu, NY

Katharine Smallwood of Corfu, NY

Samantha Tatarski of Corfu, NY

Elizabeth Richardson of Darien Center, NY

Alannah Gross of East Bethany, NY

Brian Wlazlak of East Bethany, NY

Jenna Huntington of Elba, NY

Samantha Nickerson of Elba, NY

Henry Stratton of Elba, NY

Laura Lundmark of Oakfield, NY

Stephanie Halat of Oakfield, NY

Roy Brudz of Stafford, NY

Alan Johannes of Stafford, NY

Melinda Rodriguez of Bergen, NY

Kristen Hale of Bergen, NY

Alexandria Loewke of Bergen, NY

Dillon Brew of Bergen, NY

Carli Piazza of Le Roy, NY

Stefanie Callari of Le Roy, NY

Brenda Turner of Le Roy, NY

Lauren Hull of Le Roy, NY

Valaurie Zweigle of Le Roy, NY

Ceciely Palmer of Le Roy, NY

Jacob Bolton of Le Roy, NY

Jenna Dersham of Pavilion, NY

Genesee Community College serves more than 5,700 students per semester through more than 70 academic programs and certificates, including the new Marketing and Social Media concentration within the Business Administration program, and the new Nanotechnology degree with ECC. On a microscopic scale, nanotech focuses on careers in biology, chemistry, electrical engineering, medicine and photovoltaics. 

GCC's new Student Success Center makes admissions, financial aid and enrollment a simple and efficient process. The college has earned three national sports titles; most recently, the Men's Soccer team brought home the National Junior Collegiate Athletic Association D-III title. The athletics program, housed in the brand new, state-of-the-art Richard C. Call Arena hosts more than a dozen intercollegiate men's and women's teams.

Highly convenient, GCC operates seven campus locations throughout Western New York, as well as a significant online learning program. College housing is available at College Village, just a three-minute walk from the Batavia Campus. With small class sizes and state-of-the-art technology both inside and out of the classroom, Genesee Community College is known for being "high tech" and "high touch."

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