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Conversations with Calliope- Winter Doldrums

By Joseph Langen



(Nantucket Dawn)

A doldrum is a period of inactivity or failure to make headway.

JOE: Good morning Calliope.
CALLIOPE: Good morning Joe. What are you up to this morning?
JOE: Sitting at my computer this morning, I tried to decide what to write. Nothing came to mind except the word "doldrum."
CALLIOPE: Doesn't sound good.
JOE: That was my first reaction.
CALLIOPE: Are you dead in the water?
JOE: In the sense of not making progress, yes. However the other part of the definition (a period of inactivity) isn't necessarily bad.
CALLIOPE: You mean like taking a break.
JOE: Precisely. At least for me, pushing myself all the time leads to burnout.
CALLIOPE: Good point. How long will your break be?
JOE: Until next Tuesday when I start my AmeriCorps project.
CALLIOPE: So you plan to do nothing over the next week?
JOE: I didn't say that. I will just stop pushing myself to get things done. My brother is coming to town tomorrow from Hawaii and I plan to enjoy some time with him.
CALLIOPE: I hope he doesn't go home frozen.
JOE: It will help him appreciate the tropics. Talk with you tomorrow.



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