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Smoke detectors save lives and get you free pizza, too

By James Burns

Two groups well known for their stellar response times, the Batavia Fire Department and Domino’s Pizza, have joined forces for Fire Prevention week Oct. 8th to the 14th.


Some people ordering Domino’s pizza were surprised when Engine 12 showed up to deliver their pizza. Ryan and Mark form the Batavia FD asked the customers that ordered pizza if they could inspect their smoke alarms. If the alarms were in working order, Domino’s would give them their pizza for free. If the alarms were not in working order, the Batavia FD would replace the battery or provide the residence with a free smoke detector.

Either way it’s a win for the lucky Domino’s customers. Batavia FD fireman Ryan, who became a fireman because his house burnt down, said at the first house they arrived at he heard a chirping smoke detector as they approached the door. That house now has a working smoke detector.


The Batavia FD also handed out fire hats and badges to the children they met when they delivered pizzas.

As they delivered pizza to our residence they were called away to a possible fire with smoke in a basement. After the call was cleared the firemen returned to make good on inspecting the smoke detectors and showing the children the fire truck.

This is a great example of business and local services working together for the good of the community they both serve. The only down side is your pizza may be cold by the time you are done explaining to your concerned neighbors why there was a fire truck in front of your house.

Domino’s in Batavia recognized for outstanding service

By Billie Owens

Press release:

When you think of quality pizza and customer service, think of your local Batavia Domino’s store. Domino’s, located at 563 E. Main St., was recently recognized for its outstanding operation, perfect pizza making and quality of customer service as part of Domino’s Operations Evaluations Report (OER) program.

“We’re committed to maintaining the highest standards of store operation and customer satisfaction,” said Allan Erwin, Batavia Domino’s franchise owner. “Our goal is to make great-tasting, quality pizza without taking shortcuts. It is very exciting for our Batavia team to be recognized by Domino’s.”

The store was evaluated under Domino’s OER program, designed to ensure customers the highest level of quality and service. To assure flawless operation, the rating system provides comprehensive feedback to franchisees and Domino’s.

“Maintaining high standards within Domino’s involves running the finest stores in the pizza industry and delivering the best product to every consumer who orders from one of our stores,” said Scott Hinshaw, Domino’s executive vice president of franchise operations.

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