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May 2, 2011 - 1:44pm
posted by Billie Owens in east pembroke.

A transformer is said to be arcing repeatedly at 3305 Pearl St. Road. No fire is reported. East Pembroke Fire Department is dispatched.

UPDATE 1:50 p.m.: A firefighter on scene reports nothing is showing. National Grid is notified. The caller told dispatch the transformer had arced three or four times today and it was "pretty loud and bright."

April 20, 2011 - 7:32am
posted by Billie Owens in batavia, east pembroke, town of batavia, oakfiled.

A head-on collision with serious injuries is reported at 3265 W. Main St. in the Town of Batavia. A responder on scene says one person is unconscious and another person is semiconscious.

Mercy Flight is unavailable. East Pembroke and Town of Batavia fire departments are responding with all available manpower. Two Mercy ambulances are responding.

East Pembroke personnel are shutting down traffic at Route 5 and Hopkins Road. Town of Batavia's crew is shutting down traffic at Wortendyke Road and Route 5.

Oakfield is called to provide extrication equipment.

UPDATE 7:41 a.m.: Mercy Flight in Batavia became available and is launching momentarily to go to the scene.

UPDATE 7:50 a.m.: Mercy Flight is circling and preparing to land in a field of grass northeast of the crash site. Light winds out of the south, the flight crew is told.

UPDATE 7:54 a.m.: Mercy Flight is on the ground. Both patients have been extricated.

UPDATE 8:05 a.m.: A chief reports that a portion of Route 5 will be shut down for at least an hour. One patient is being taken to a hospital via Mercy Flight and the other is going in an ambulance. Hospitals have not been specified. Two flatbed tow trucks are en route.

UPDATE 8:13 a.m.: Sheriff Gary Maha confirmed that one of the crash victims has died and a coroner has been called.

UPDATE 8:28 a.m.: Mercy Flight is going to Strong Memorial Hospital. The next of kin is being notified regarding the death, then the name of the victim will be released.

UPDATE 9:07 a.m.: Route 5 has been reopened. All fire units back in service.

April 18, 2011 - 6:25pm

Today, Genesee Community College announced the Genesee County students who are among 612 on the Dean's List for the Fall 2010 semester. These students earned a quality point index (grade-point average) of 3.50-3.74.

The honorees, their hometowns and attendance status, are:


Jake Nadolinski, full time


Daniel Dudek, part time

Sabrina Herman, full time

Clayton Miller, part time

Teresa Morris, full time

John Ognibene, full time

Laurie Schwab, part time

Cindy Schwartz, part time

Stacy Wirth, full time

Lacey Wolfley, full time


Kassondra Conrad, full time

Andrew Greene, full time

Danielle Hirtzel, full time

Ely Winnie, part time


Jenise Albert, part time

Valeria Antonetty, part time

Jessica Barone, full time

Christopher Blachowicz, full time

Ann Brade, part time

Alex Brasky, part time

Katherine Clemm, full time

Neil DeLillo, part time

Richard DelPlato, part time

Nicole DiSalvo, full time

Erin Dobbertin, full time

Melissa Dorman, full time

Ian Dries, full time

Delores Dyer, full time

Ashley Falcone, full time

Charles Ferraro, full time

Kaelie Grazioplene, full time

Rachel Guppenberger, full time

Kimberly Gutzmer, full time

Brett Hake, part time

Shauna Hutchinson, part time

Kimberly Ianita, full time

Jessica Jaszko, full time

Katie Kosciolek, part time

Gregory Kryman, full time

Jenna Lynn Leach, full time

Shelly Lopez, full time

Elizabeth Martin, full time

Emily Mott, full time

John Mullen, part time

Colleen O'Donnell, full time

Daniel Oquendo, full time

Joseph Pedro, full time

Theresa Pellegrino, part time

Joshua Que, full time

Meagan Roese, full time

Amy Roggow, part time

Erin Ruzzi, full time

Erin Schafer, part time

Joseph Schlossel, part time

James Schnellinger, part time

Amber Shea, full time

Trisha Smith, part time

Brian Sprague, full time

Kathryn Svensen, part time

Mark Temperato, part time

Wendy Walker, part time

Todd Warren, full time

Katelyn Wickson, part time

Caitlin Wilkinson, full time

Mercedes Wollek, full time

Cameron Wright, full time


Karen Beaney, part time

Ryan Chatham, full time

Carrie Cooper, part time

Samantha Elliott, full time

Amanda Heale, full time

Gary Heale, part time

Kelsey Hill, part time

Cynthia Mack, part time

Rebecca Mosher, full time

Tavy Shippers, part time

Ashley Spangenburg, part time

Miranda Tardy, full time


Kevin Jackson, full time

Mark McLaughlin, full time

Timothy Nicholas, full time


Eric Allen, full time

Shannon Bartlett, part time

John Bernardini, part time

Patrick Betz, full time

Stacy Brockway, part time

Joseph D'Amato, full time

Lisa Falkowski, part time

Melissa Gardner, full time

Jessica Gerould, full time

Ashley Ingram, full time

Jamie Johnson, full time

Tracy Kearney, full time

Victoria Rebmann, full time

Kara Rykert, full time

Ashlin Thuman, part time

Dana Wolbert, full time


Larissa DeMuth, part time

Abigail Engel, full time

Nadine McClurg, part time

Alexander Muench, full time

Rebecca Piechowiak, full time

Michelle Waldo, full time


Sarah Baird, part time

Karen DeFelice, full time

Ian Lawson, part time


Lucinda Barber, part time


Michael Anauo, full time

Keenan Hughes, part time

Christopher Johnson, part time

Jeana Pfalzer, full time

Danyelle Scarborough, part time


Jennifer Beherns, part time

Joeylyn Berl, part time

Jacob Bortle, part time

Ashley Carney, part time

Jason Coniber, part time

Chad Cummings, part time

Margery Fitzsimmons, part time

Jamie Givens, part time

Bridget Grayson, part time

Anthony Macaluso, full time

Sharlene Majors, full time

Melissa Meadows, full time

Brenda Melton, full time

Caleb Nicodemus, full time

Joel Pitts, part time

Bethany Roth, full time

Katherine Stearns, part time

Jeremy Tiede, part time

Duane Weber, part time

Bradley Wight, part time

Sharon Wynn, full time


Kari Adams, full time

Amanda Bachorski, full time

Ariel Bentkowski, full time

Kristen Casper, full time

Julie Mendez, full time

Kendra Moak, full time

Sara Mooney, full time

Nathan Oaksford, part time

Veronica Rebert, full time

Maria Sanders, full time

Olivia Waldron, full time


Matthew Berkemeier, part time

Daniel Case, part time

Marie Hart, part time

Jeannie Kirch, part time

Brian Leach, full time

Emily Mess, full time

Julia Sallade, full time

Deborah Schroeder, full time

Peter Sherman, part time

James Smart, full time


Amber Carmichael, part time

Jacob Cone, part time

Mark Williams, part time

Genesee Community College offers more than 60 academic programs and certificates, including the brand-new Veterinary Technology A.A.S. degree and Polysomnographic Technology A.A.S. degree, (the study of sleep disorders).

Genesee is accessible through seven campus locations throughout Western New York, as well as through online classes in the Distance Learning Program.

College housing is available at College Village, just a three-minute walk from the Batavia Campus. With small class sizes and state-of-the-art technology both inside and out of the classroom, Genesee Community College is known for being "high-tech" and "high-touch." Find out more at <http://www.genesee.edu >.

March 17, 2011 - 1:08pm
posted by Billie Owens in east pembroke.

A man was stuck in a rented power lift about 75 feet in the air. He came down a few minutes ago. No problems now. Safe to say on this clear and sunny day, he had a dang good view of the countryside.

He called dispatch to tell them of his plight at 8701 Hartshorn Road in East Pembroke. We guess he was working on some wires. (Turns out, it was a tree.)

East Pembroke Fire Department was called along with Town of Batavia for mutual aid, but the problem with the rig apparently was fixed before crews could arrive. Law enforcement was there.

The rental company was called. The man told dispatch that the machine just shut down -- that maybe it needed a new switch. Of course, it's difficult to diagnose when you're several stories off the ground.

No word on how the machine became operable again.

February 22, 2011 - 3:30pm
posted by Billie Owens in east pembroke, accidents.

A motor-vehicle accident with injuries is reported on the Thruway in the westbound lanes at mile marker 395.8.

East Pembroke Fire Department and Mercy EMS are responding.

UPDATE 3:35 p.m.: Traffic is backed up all the way to Kelsey Road. One lane is blocked. A second ambulance is requested. State Troopers are on location.

UPDATE 3:47 p.m.: Mercy EMS is told to go back in service. Oakfield is continuing.

UPDATE 4:10 p.m.: Emergency responders are back in service.

February 18, 2011 - 7:03pm
posted by Billie Owens in Oakfield, fire, pembroke, east pembroke, indian falls.

The smell of smoke is reported inside a residence at 8409 Indian Falls Road in Indian Falls. The basement of the home is flooded, too.

Oakfield, East Pembroke and Pembroke fire units are called.

UPDATE 8:03 p.m.: Assignment back in service.

February 8, 2011 - 6:32pm
posted by Billie Owens in accident, east pembroke.

A snowmobiler has struck a tree on a trail just north of 2274 Angling Road. East Pembroke Fire Department is responding along with Mercy medics.

The victim is unable to get off the trail.

UPDATE 6:35 p.m.: Mercy Flight status to fly is requested and the caller is told it is unable to fly.

UPDATE 6:38 p.m.: The victim is said to be off the trail, and an emergency responder is "taking a snowmobile to the accident."

UPDATE 6:40 p.m.: A Mercy Flight helicopter out of Buffalo has been started toward the accident scene. A landing zone is to be established at Pembroke School.

UPDATE 6:58 p.m.: Mercy Flight says it's two minutes away from landing. The pilot is told the victim seems to have only internal injuries and is awaiting their arrival inside the ambulance.

UPDATE 7:13 p.m: East Pembroke Fire Department and Mercy medics are back in service. Presumably, the victim is being taken to Strong Memorial Hospital.

February 5, 2011 - 2:49pm
posted by Billie Owens in east pembroke, accidents.

A one-car rollover accident is reported on the Thruway, eastbound at mile marker 398.8. East Pembroke Fire Department and Mercy EMS are responding. There are injuries, but their severity is unknown.

Callers say responders should use caution upon approach since there are reportedly people running across the roadway to the accident scene.

UPDATE 3 p.m.: A responder says the accident is not a rollover.

UPDATE 3:01 p.m.: Apparently there are two separate incidents. One car is off the roadway at mile marker 398. A half mile eastward, a black SUV was overturned, but is now right-side up. The occupants are out and seem to have suffered lacerations only.

February 2, 2011 - 3:53pm
posted by Billie Owens in fire, pembroke, east pembroke.

A possible chimney fire is reported at 2185 Route 5. A passerby called dispatch and said heavy smoke, with a yellow-brown hue, was pouring from the chimney.

East Pembroke and Pembroke fire departments are responding.

A firefighter said it is possible that they've responded to that address previously for the same kind of report but the heavy smoke was due to the type of wood the residents burn.

UPDATE 4:20 p.m.: This was not a chimney fire. Responders are put back in service.

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January 4, 2011 - 2:26pm
posted by Billie Owens in accident, east pembroke.

A motor-vehicle accident with injuries is reported in East Pembroke across from the Arrow Mart.

The address is 2594 Main Road.

Fire personnel and Mercy EMS are responding.

January 3, 2011 - 2:55pm
posted by Billie Owens in accident, east pembroke, indian falls.

A rollover accident is reported on the Thruway at mile marker 399, westbound. There is possible entrapment. The availability of Mercy Flight is sought.

East Pembroke and Indian Falls fire departments and Mercy EMS are responding.

UPDATE 2:58 p.m.: Mercy Flight is on "in-air standby." A tanker is called to the scene. Everybody is out of the vehicle.

UPDATE 3:07 p.m.: Mercy Flight has been cancelled.

December 26, 2010 - 4:48pm
posted by Billie Owens in fire, corfu, east pembroke.

A fire is reported in a detached garage on Angling Road, near Read Road in East Pembroke. The garage is part of property at 8670 Read Road.

Heavy smoke is coming from the garage eaves.

East Pembroke and Corfu fire departments are responding, along with Mercy EMS.

UPDATE 4:51 p.m.: All traffic is being shut down at Read and Angling roads as well as West Avenue and Angling Road.

UPDATE 5:27 p.m.: The fire is out. The chief says the fire probably started due to an electrical malfunction in a vehicle parked inside.

December 23, 2010 - 6:23pm
posted by Billie Owens in accident, east pembroke.

A motor-vehicle accident with a minor injury is reported at 2677 W. Main St. Road in front of Jim's Saloon. East Pembroke Fire Department and Mercy EMS are responding nonemergency.

It's most likely going to be a "sign-off." The patient is now in the kitchen at the saloon.

December 13, 2010 - 4:04pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in fire, pembroke, east pembroke, Angling Road.

A pair of smoldering ovens mitts are the likely cause of a late morning fire in East Pembroke that has put an Angling Road couple out of their home.

anglingfire_01.jpgThe fire destroyed the back portion of the home at 2583 Angling Road, and it sustained heavy smoke and water damage throughout.

Daniel and Sarah Norway escaped the home safely with assistance from Deputy Brian Thompson. A dog was taken out of the house with Sarah and a cat was rescued by firefighters. Two other family cats perished in the fire.

The fire was reported at 12:10 p.m. Sarah reported smelling smoke, looked out the back door and saw flames. She woke up Daniel. He immediately went outside and found the back stairs gone and flames climbing up the walls.

Thompson arrived on scene to find Daniel trying to put out the fire and Sarah was still inside with the dog. Thompson got them out of the house. The deputy's report says "snow was thrown on the fire" while awaiting the arrival of firefighters, without saying who threw the snow on the fire.

According to Thompson's report, Sarah said she had thrown a pair of smoldering oven mitts out the back door around 11 a.m.

East Pembroke Fire responded to the scene and assisting at the scene or in fill-in roles were Town of Batavia, Pembroke, Corfu, Darien, Indian Falls and Oakfield along with Genesee County Emergency Services. An Animal Control officer also responded and took an orange tabby to the Batavia Animal Hospital.

The fire was first called in by neighbor Raymond Russell of Read Road.

The house is assessed at $71,300 and was insured.

(Initial Report)

December 13, 2010 - 12:17pm


A structure fire is reported at 2583 Angling Road. It's between Read Road and Church Street. There is black smoke billowing from the corner of the house.

A firefighter on scene says there is heavy smoke coming from the rear of the residence.

Another says "Occupants and dog are out. It is involved."

East Pembroke and Town of Batavia fire departments are responding. An engine from Corfu is also requested.

UPDATE 12:24 p.m.: This East Pembroke fire has gone to a second alarm. Mercy medics are on scene. Corfu has called for an engine from Darien to stand in at Corfu's hall. A tanker from Indian Falls is requested. "It's starting to go fast -- everybody be careful because of the ice." But a bit later "The floor is gone. All interior firefighters are ordered out of the structure."

UPDATE 12:29 p.m.: Town of Batavia calls for an engine from Corfu to fill in at its station. Some units on scene are working to try and protect the garage.

UPDATE 12:35 p.m.: Oakfield is called to fill in at Town of Batavia's fire hall. Despite the prior directive, and the collapse of the floor, firefighters are now on the second floor of the house working to put out the fire. National Grid is notified, no ETA given. A chief asks "Do we have a crew for the roof?"

UPDATE 12:50 p.m.: The chief says "The fire's out. We're just trying to clean up in here. There aren't any hot spots." Also, a badly injured cat was found at the scene (presumably it has suffered burns). It is not known whose cat it is, if anyone's. It has been placed inside the garage and people from the animal shelter are on their way to get it and treat it. According to Sheriff's Deputy Brian Thompson, the fire started outside in a stairwell from unknown causes. A man and woman were asleep in their bedroom when the woman awoke and smelled something burning. By then, the fire had starting climbing the walls of the residence.

UPDATE 1:13 p.m.: The rescued cat did not apparently suffer from burns. Rather it experienced severe smoke inhalation and was heavily doused with water. It is one of three of the family's cats and is being taken to Batavia Animal Hospital on West Main Street Road. The other two cats remain unaccounted for.

UPDATE 2:04 p.m. (by Howard): Red Cross requested to the scene. Also, photo above of the red tabby that was rescued from the house. It was covered in water that had frozen and probably suffered from smoke inhalation, but was crying loudly as it was being carried here. The firefighter is taking the cat to a garage where it might be warmer. An Animal Control officer picked up the cat a short time later and took it to Batavia Animal Hospital.

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December 12, 2010 - 11:37am
posted by Billie Owens in pembroke, east pembroke, accidents, indian falls.

A motor-vehicle accident with injuries is reported at Alleghany and Indian Falls roads. Mercy Flight is called but unavailable. Alleghany Road (Route 77) is blocked north and south. Traffic is also to be shut down at Little Falls, Gabbey Road and the Thruway exit.

Responders include Pembroke, East Pembroke, Indian Falls and Oakfield fire departments and Mercy EMS.

UPDATE 11:55 a.m.: so far, on victim has been transported to UMMC and another to ECMC.

UPDATE 12:01 p.m. (by Howard):  Roads back open, fire departments back in service.

November 29, 2010 - 5:46pm
posted by Billie Owens in Pavilion, east pembroke, accidents.

A two-car head-on collision is reported at Route 63 just south of Boyd Road. Three minor injuries are reported.

Fire units from the Town of Pavilion are responding along with Mercy EMS.

Traffic police are requested at the intersection and at Route 246.

The site is located in Covington but is in Pavilion's fire district.

UPDATE: There's possible entrapment in one of the vehicles. Fire chief on scene says there are two minor injuries.

UPDATE 5:50 p.m.: Road is reopened.

November 11, 2010 - 6:15pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in batavia, fire, east pembroke.

An unknown type fire has been reported in the woods off Wilkinson Road near Route 33, Batavia.

A first responder reports that "it's a pretty good size fire."

East Pembroke Fire is responding.

November 4, 2010 - 12:12pm
posted by Billie Owens in east pembroke, accidents, indian falls.

A car has slammed into a pole at 2023 Route 5. The elderly male driver is injured and reportedly incoherant. The caller stated the car was being driven erratically before leaving the roadway and hitting the tree. So this accident may be due to medical reasons.

The location is between Cleveland and Indian Falls roads. The pole is said to be sheared at the base but it remains upright and nothing is blocking the roadway.

East Pembroke Fire Department and Mercy EMS are responding.

October 20, 2010 - 12:59pm
posted by Billie Owens in batavia, east pembroke, leukemia.

ashley.jpgAshley Bedard is a graduate of Pembroke Central School and she is battling leukemia. To help Ashley, and her mother, JoAnne McInerney, while Ashley undergoes treatment for the disease, there's going to be a fundraiser this Saturday.

"Bash for Ash" will offer a steak dinner, Chinese auction and music, all for $10 per person. It will be held at Holy Name of Mary Church Hall on West Avenue in East Pembroke from 4 to 11 p.m., with dinner served from 5 to 7 p.m.

Donation for the event can be sent or dropped off to Sue Winkelman or Hope Wood at Tompkins Insurance Agencies, 90 Main St., in Downtown Batavia.

Monetary donations can be made payable to: "In Trust for Ashley Bedard"and mailed to: Bank of Castile; Attn -- Sue Winkelman, 90 Main St., Batavia.

For more information call Sue or Hope at 585-344-0833 or email:
<[email protected]> or <[email protected]>

(Portrait photo by Carlson's Studio)

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