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found cat

Found kitty in the city

By Joanne Beck
White cat on East Avenue
Photo submitted by Raelene Christian

A reader who lives on Holmes Avenue in the city of Batavia has spotted this white cat hanging out at the corner of East and Holmes avenues for the past week, apparently without a home. The cat has a collar on, and the reader is hoping to reunite it with its pet parents.

Cat found - NORTHEAST Pembroke

By Stephanie Benson

Is this your cat? 

Friendly male cat turned up at our home a week or so ago.  He's a white with tiger striped patches in various locations, most notably on his shoulder blades, which give him the appearance of having wings.

He is short-haired and is not neutered.  He's a little skittish but warms up after a few minutes and is very affectionate.  We've been feeding him and giving him water.  He seems to be in good condition.

If you are missing him please contact us at fromtheboonies at gmail dot com.  If you dumped him - well, who am I to judge really - but it really sucks and I hope you'll go on to lead a better life from this day forward.

We already have 5 furry adoptees from the local shelter and just can't take on any more feline insanity love.  3 of the 5 get really pissed off when this guy comes around, despite the fact that they're spoiled and overfed and have nothing really to complain about in their respective life situations. 

If we haven't heard from anybody about this guy in 5 days we'll be dropping him off at the Batavia Animal Shelter and offering to pay to get him checked out by a vet and neutered.  He's very sweet and deserves better than to be all horned up all the time, sleeping on our porch at night and being yelled at by a pack of bored housecats.


Adult Male Cat Seeks Its Humans

By Stephanie Benson

Is this your kitty?

He showed up at our house on Christmas Day and is still here - safe, snug, fed, watered and happily using a litter box.  I don't think he had eaten in a few days, and he seemed genuinely freaked out by being outside in the cold.

Now, he's a great guy, but he can't stay.   We've got five existing adoptees and a baby; it's already Crazy Town here and we're playing musical rooms to keep everybody separated.

He's super affectionate and well-behaved.  He's clean, no ear mites or eye junk or apparent respiratory problems.  It's clear that he is a well-socialized and loving house cat.

If you are one of my neighbors in northeast Pembroke, you will have already gotten a flier about this.  If his home is further abroad than the exotic confines of Mogadore/Phelps Road, please contact me at fromtheboonies at gmail dot com.

If you dumped him, well, who am I to judge you.  He provided me the opportunity to take in a stranger in need on Christmas Day, and I'm grateful for the experience.  In any case the good folks at the Genesee County Animal Shelter (Volunteers 4 Animals) have 'room at the inn' for him, and he'll be taken there tomorrow unless his humans claim him sooner.

I'd also like to plug an organization I discovered while researching my his options: Spay Our Strays.   They rehabilitate feral cat colonies.  They run monthly clinics and the general idea is Trap, Spay/Neuter, and Release (or placement on a farm as a barn cat).

In this case their services aren't really appropriate since I think this guy lives in a house.  However, we get feral cats turning up out of the fields all the time and they drive our house cats absolutely nuts.  In one case there was a physical altercation that left us with a $250 vet bill.  I had no idea there was such an organization, but wow am I all for what they do and hope to assist their efforts going forward.

Thanks for reading!

Contact info again:  fromtheboonies at gmail dot com

FOUND young orange tabby

By Rachel Oshlag

FOUND: Young orange tabby (most likely under 1 year) with amber eyes. Very friendly. North Spruce area.

Please sign my guestbook if you have any information!  Thank you!

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