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Bonduelle's success

By Don Lovelace

'A Complete 180': France-based Bonduelle Brings Stable Presence to Genesee County Food Processing -WBTA

"He (Daniel Vielfaure, CEO of Bonduelle Americas) said the company did not seek tax breaks from the county to complete the acquisition because simply, assistance wasn’t needed. They used a “hurry-up offense” – a football analogy Vielfaure used – to get the seeds in the ground by April to start the process as soon as possible and knew this was the best opportunity to jump right in."


But.... Steve Hyde is quoted a couple of times in the article, like he had something to do with this, as well as various government types all jumping in to take credit for some one else's success!

The GCEDA should be disbanded.

By Don Lovelace

I feel bad that I missed the meetings in the Town of Alabama on the GCEDA plan to create an industrial park there. I wanted to have a say and my say would of been NO.

I lived in this this county all my life and this town for over 20 yrs. It is by far the one of the most Beautiful towns in Genesee County. It is the home of the Iroquois National Wildlife refuge( United States federal owned wildlife sanctuary) and the Tonawanda Wildlife Management Area(New York State owned property). In the spring time you would think the area is home to millions of birds, because the sky is just black with them. 

Spring is the most popular time of the year for most folks to visit these areas. They come to see the migration at it's peak. The noise is so intense and loud, you just see folks laughing and enjoying themselves at the spectacle before them. I've enjoyed it though all seasons. Hiking through snow and mud. There's nothing like it. This area is here all year long. It really is a sanctuary for wildlife. It's their home. Now the GCEDA want to bring industry to this area. They want to put a potential hazard right next to some of the most pristine land around.

They call it clean technology or a clean tech park. I have worked in the electronics industry for years and it's anything but clean. Associated with this industry are solders, fluxes, oils, freon, tri-chloral ethane,  just to name some I'm familiar with. Nasty chemicals, that if introduce into the air, water or ground around these santuaries either by negligence or accident, could potentially turn them into polluted "superfund" sites.

GCEDA already has three sites at the corners of routes 5 and 77 with the aditional advantage over the Town of Alabama site of a natural gas supply. The sites are closer to the thruway than Alabama and the ifrastructure is in place and THE SITES ARE EMPTY! Of the 3 only 2 have buildings and only 1 has a business there. The same is true for the site in Batavia on route 5 near Stafford, EMPTY. No business' there. Shouldn't we be filling those places up with companies first, brfore we go on to the next one?

Don't "Pave paradise and put up a parking lot"

Authentically Local