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Guest speakers

400 Towers' Guest Speaker Program Starts on a Sweet Note

By Bea McManis

The residents of 400 Towers kicked off their guest speaker season on a sweet note. Bob Pacer from Oliver's Candy is the first in the series to discuss the history of Batavia businesses. Mr. Pacer took the residents on a trip to the equator to show where the cocoa beans are grown and discussed the journey embarked by that bean to it's final destination to Oliver's Candy.

Oliver's Candy has been part of the Batavia landscape for 75 years. It started as a small business selling it's product door to door in the village of Batavia. Today, Oliver's can boast of a large mail order business shipping to the four corners of the globe.

The residents learned about the candy making process and which candies are still made by 'hand' and which are made using modern technology.

This year's series is a business tour of the City of Batavia. Speakers from established businesses and those who recently chose to call the city the home of their new ventures will be featured between now to May, 2009. Invitations to the series are currently in the works. Any business who would like to be included on the calendar can contact Bea McManis, 400 Towers Residents' Council Activities Coordinator at 585-297-5512.


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