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Jankowski earns third-place and fourth-place honors at 3 Gun Championship in Pennsylvania

By Billie Owens

Submitted photos and press release:

NEW TRIPOLI, Pa. -- Eugene Jankowski Jr. finished in third place Practical Division and fourth place overall at the 2019 Pennsylvania State 3 Gun Championship held Labor Day weekend at the Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club in New Tripoli, Pa.

Jankowski worked through a rifle malfunction early in the match, adding a fraction of time that would later move him out of second place by a 10th of a second.

Approximately 144 competitors from Pennsylvania and the surrounding states completed eight challenging stages of fire during the two-day match.

Three gun competitors systematically used a handgun, rifle and shotgun to shoot a variety of targets from multiple positions during each of the eight courses of fire.

“Using the three different firearms feels like you’re shooting three different matches at the same time," Jankowski said. "It’s full of action and the clock is ticking.”

Jankowski is president of the Batavia City Council and a retired Batavia police lieutenant.

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