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Jackson School kicks off PARP Reading Program

By Steve Ognibene

P.A.R.P. stands for Parents As Reading Partners.  Today the staff at Jackson School rolled out the red carpet for the month of March for students to read.  The program presents an exciting cliffhanger that the students find the conclusion to through reading.

Some of the characters from favorite childrens books were played out during this event like the Cat in the Hat, Miss Frizzle, Ramona, Harry Potter, Dr. Doolittle, Pippi Longstocking and Judy Moody were greeted by Brooke Mark and Ed Itor.

P.A.R.P. is a National program designed to encourage chidren to read at home with thier parent, guardian, grandparents, or siblings for at least 15 minutes each day.

Learning to read is the single most important activity in a child's education.  P.A.R.P. asks parents / guardians to encourage thier child to read, impressing upon them the fact that reading can be fun as well as informative.

Pictured below are some of the characters at todays event kickoff.

Miss Frizzle

Harry Potter

Cat in the Hat

Photos by Steve Ognibene


School board closes public forums on building consolidation, now has six months to choose a plan

By Geoff Redick

More than 60 parents gathered at Jackson Elementary School on Tuesday evening for the final public forum on the pending city school district building consolidation.

Most of the acid-tongued sentiments heard at the first building consolidation forum last month were absent this time, although several parents did bring up some already-heard concerns, such as the financial worth and viability of actually selling the Washington Avenue administration building. Those concerns were readdressed without issue.

The only true "new" idea proposed was closing the Batavia Middle School. One parent proposed shuffling the district's 6th-, 7th- and 8th-graders off into the elementary and high schools, as a way to save neighborhood schools. Administrators expressed that they had considered the idea before, but eliminated it due to the size of the middle school and the amount of learning technology it currently houses for those students.

Now, the Batavia City School Board has six months to choose from a number of different plans for building consolidation. Those plans might do anything from keeping all three elementary schools open in some capacity, to shutting one down and running two larger neighborhood schools, or closing two schools altogether and housing all elementary students in an expanded John Kennedy School. Click here for coverage from WBTA News outlining all of the proposed plans.

The school board will mull over the options with help from the Budget Ambassadors committee. A final decision on the building consolidation is due in March.

Jackson School Chicken BBQ fundraiser

By Steve Ognibene

Jackson Home School Association invites you to it's Annual fundraiser on Friday April 29th between 3-7 PM @ Clor's Meat Market Batavia NY

Chicken / Rib BBQ - Takeout/pickup

Costs:  1/2 Chicken $8.00  ~  BBQ Ribs $9.00  ~ 1/4 Chicken with 4-5 Ribs $10.00

( ALL dinners INCLUDES: mac salad, salt potatoes, roll )

Presale tickets available at:
Jackson School M-F ~ 7:45-8:15AM / 2:15-2:45PM in lobby & 9AM-2PM in the Main office.

Event Date and Time

Students' artistic abilities showcased at close of academic year

By Daniel Crofts

For a year-end project, I thought it would be cool to take some video and pictures of music- and arts-related activities -- respectively -- in the Genesee County schools.

The following video is 20 minutes long and divided into two parts (Youtube limits most users to about 10 minutes per video). It features concert footage from various schools in the county.



I have to make a quick apology for the poor video quality in a couple of instances. I had to be very careful to protect the identity of the kids (the ones photographed without parental approval), so I made sure none of the students' faces appeared too clearly on camera; plus, to be honest, the first camera I used turned out to be pretty awful when it came to taking video (even while taking decent pictures).

I also feel bad that I couldn't include every group I filmed in the video. My selections were based on a combination of different criteria, including:

  •  making sure the best songs were included
  •  making sure all of the schools I visited were included
  •  arranging the selections in a way that flowed nicely

So there's the music part. Here are some pictures I was able to take of art work done by Elba and Leroy students:


Kindergartener Cody Soules stands in front of his drawing of a tree branch (top right).

First-grader Taylor Augello stands with her rendition of Van Gogh's "The Starry Night" (right above her head).



Both of the following pictures were submitted by Dan Carnevale. Sophomore Sydney Gallup (top photo) and two unidentified students stand with their drawings.



Also, see the May 27 announcement on the winners of the Architectural Drawing contest for fourth-graders.

Congratulations all of the students for a job well done!

Chicken BBQ today 11am-3pm

By Steve Ognibene

Today at the Falleti Ice Arena from 11am-3pm is a Chicken BBQ sponsored by the Jackson School Home School Association and Clor's Meat Market.   $8.00 a dinner will buy you a 1/2 succulent Chicken BBQ, salt potatoes, macaroni salad and a roll.  Come on down for a great meal !

Event Date and Time

Top Local Scholars: Andrea Bennion

By Tasia Boland

Andrea Bennion is a fourth grader at Jackson Elementary with a passion to get involved, and it influences her actions in and outside of school.

Her talents range from playing the flute in band, piano at home, earning awards in Girl Scouts, entering book competitions, swimming at GCC and soccer in the summer.

Bennion's mother Brenda was thrilled to find out her daughter was selected as a top scholar for The Batavian. You could see how proud she was by watching her expression as her daughter talked about all the activities she is involved in.

"She is an all around good girl," said Bennion's mother. "She is my energizer bunny, she keeps me going."

Bennion is a go-getter and is very humble in all she does. Piano is her favorite instrument to play and she hopes to one day learn to play the guitar like her father, Mike.

She loves all the projects assigned in fourth grade and is excited to attend middle school because her sister has told her many great things about it.

When Bennion isn't playing an instrument or competing in the Page Turners Competition, she can be found in the kitchen cooking omelets and pancakes, or if she isn't cooking  she munches her favorite foods: bacon or Chinese.

She loves reading The Tinkerbell series books because she enjoys getting to know all the different fairy characters.

In the summer she will be out on the soccer field hoping she doesn't see any snakes. Snakes are her greatest fear, and she would definitely scream if she saw one.

One day we could see Bennion being a kindergarten teacher or an artist. Which ever she picks she will go on to do great things, and will always be reminded of her mother's strengths, because her mother is her hero.

Be sure to check out the video of Bennion playing her piano.

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