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Whole caboodle of kittens available at the shelter

By Julia Ferrini

There are plenty of kitties to choose from at the Genesee County Animal Shelter this Spring.

Sandy Stendts, a volunteer for Genesee County Animal Shelter’s Volunteers 4 Animals, suggests getting a kitten for that someone special in your life, be it dad, a new grad, or a senior citizen who would enjoy having a cute clown around the house.

Working with the animal shelter, the volunteers take in stray cats and kittens, as well as those that people no longer want or can't care for. Not only does the shelter house these animals, they also provide medical care including spaying or neutering.

Many of the kittens and cats are kept separated because “it’s like a daycare, when one gets sick, they all get sick.” However, the volunteers try to keep litter mates together. 

The shelter takes in as many as 550 cats and kittens annually. According to Stendts, the shelter could potentially take in as may as 1,000 per year, but there is just no room.

“Just the other day we had to turn away six litters”; and with an average four to six kittens per litter, well, the numbers multiply exponentially.

“The most I’ve seen, was a litter of 10,” Stendts said. “I’ve been doing this for five years and it’s not getting any better.

The shelter, working alongside Petco, Veterans Memorial Drive, Batavia, helps find foster and permanent homes for both cats and kittens.

“In working with Petco, we have found 1,000 animals homes,” Stendts said.

But that still doesn't meet the needs of this ever-burgeoning population.

According to Stendts, most kittens will be able to be taken home immediately. Others are available but may be too young to take home right away. The organization will not release an animal that still needs shots, neutering or spaying.

“All it takes is $40 to adopt a cat,” the veteran volunteer continued. “Every kitten is either spayed or neutered and has received all their shots. If you purchased a kitten elsewhere, the vet bill would be well over $200.”

The only requirement -- a cat carrier must be available to take the kitten home. The group also accepts cash or check. For further information visit

Adoption Hours at the Shelter

By Wendy Castleman

Come out and visit the animals at the Genesee County Animal Shelter available for adoption. We have the best cats and dogs in the county! Visit our website for photos and details on all the animals available for adoption.


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