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Conversations with Calliope- Characters in Our Lives

By Joseph Langen

Joe: Good morning Calliope.
Calliope: Good morning Joe. What's up today.
Joe: Getting organized. My first job is to write this week's column.
Calliope: About what?

Cavorting with Carol at Mardi Gras World

Joe: Characters.
Calliope: Tell me more.
Joe: I have been reading Nancy Kress's book, Characters, Emotion and Viewpoint to sharpen up characters in my stories.
Calliope: How does this apply to your column?
Joe: It occurred to me that our lives are populated by characters which we often overlook in our search for stuff with which to fill our lives.
Calliope: Sounds like an interesting column.
Joe: Ill tell you more about it on Friday after I write it.

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