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Main St

Walking the Dog

By Chelsea O'Brien

I just got back from walking Daisy, our new dog. We got her about a week ago from the Batavia Animal Shelter (who were fantastic, by the way). Anyway, our walk took us down Ellicott to Liberty to Main St down to Chambers, then we turned around.

We're working on walking Daisy, and socializing her, so I figured a 2pm walk would mean that we would run into a bunch of different people in different circumstances. And, we did meet some people, but not more than 10. Daisy barks at most men, wagging her tail and sniffing the whole time, but I think she's just intimidated by them, so I'd like her to be socialized with both people and dogs. Are there places and times in Batavia that would provide a nice environment for Daisy to get to know people?


By Michael T. Johnston

With all the talks of construction of the round about and Oak St. as well as cleaning up the city in other road construction ways, I would love to know when something is going to happen with the lights on Main St. Has anyone tried to drive down Main St. at lunch time? Rush Hour? It is always backed up and takes forever to go from one end to the other. Now most cities always have some congestion but this is avoidable! Why does the city feel that people need to stop at every single light! One turns green, then the next one turns red. That one turns green, then the next one is red and so on. Even more, I love stopping at the light on Delinger only to most of the time, see that there is no or one car waiting to turn that stops 20-30 others. Why can't something be done? Why can't the lights be syncronized like surrounding Amherst, Buffalo etc.? I have heard the "lights make people stop and observe the shops downtown" speach, but how much can you observe the same shops? I have noticed it has shifted from looking at the stores, to looking to see how often you can switch lanes to get a car up and get through the light before it changes.

Let's make some adjustments that make sense here! 

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