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mall maddness

Dr. Chess I will not pay for mall improvments

By wayne bell

If there is anyone in the City of Batavia that is more anti-city council then me I would like to meet them.  I have for many years written to the Daily asking for reforms in the spending patterns of the City.  Mr. Mallow has and will continue to hear from me when I feel that the council is spending to much time or money on an issue that will cost the taxpayers.  Now reading some of your postings have me alittle miffed at the idea that you feel as though 1 dollar of taxpayers money should be used to improve the way you do business.  If you want improvements in the mall then pay for them.  You mention that some of the negotiations going on are sensitve and should not be made public.  BULL...if it is about tax dollars being spent then everyone in the city needs to know.  Jason malino is in a no win situation having as many bosses that he has.  He is tasked by the council to do the negotaitions with the MMA and that is who you have to deal with.  If you don't like it then will you go home to your mommy and cry that you are going to leave the mall.  Dr. Chess just deal with Mr. Malino and if you don't like it then vote out the council members you don't like and start over.  That is the way the  system works..By the way do you live in the City ? 

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