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marc coppola

October 28, 2010 - 3:05pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in politics, pembroke, marc coppola.

The Pembroke Fire District is accusing a Democratic candidate for State Senate of misappropriating its logo and inaccurately implying that the district has endorsed his candidacy.

"We question the integrity of any candidate who would run an ad using our likeness and that is written in such a way that it could be falsely construed as an endorsement for his candidacy," District Chief Ed Mileham Jr., said in a statement.

When reached by phone, the candidate, Marc Coppola, running in the 61st Senate District against Republican incumbent Mike Ranzenhofer, apologized repeatedly for the perception that his mailer implied an endorsement.

"I do apologize if that's the way they took it," Coppola said. "I didn't word it that way. I realize they are a not-for-profit. I'm experienced enough to know they could lose their not-for-profit status if they endorse candidates. I would never put them in that position. I would never even ask for an endorsement."

Mileham said he and other district leaders are upset over Coppola's mailer that started hitting Genesee County mailboxes yesterday.

On one side is a picture of Coppola with local residents Randy and Lori Dibble and a statement of support from the Dibbles. The other side has a picture of Coppola with volunteer firefighter and County Democratic Committee member Aaron Blake. Blake is endorsing Coppola.

To view the mailer for yourself: Front / Back.

The caption under the picture reads, "Marc and Firefighter Aaron Blake at Indian Falls Fire House truck dedication in honor of Harry Dibble & Gary Byerly."

"We are disturbed that Mr. Coppola would use the solemn event of the dedication of a truck to deceased department members as a political ad," Mileham said in his statement. "The ad shockingly refers to the deceased members we were honoring and shows the plaque dedicated to them. The candidate was in no way involved with the dedication and appears to have used this event as a crass attempt to obtain votes."

Coppola said he was invited to the dedication by Randy and Lori Dibble and brought no campaign literature with him nor wore any buttons or shirts identifying himself as a political candidate. He said Lori Dibble took the picture using her cell phone camera and when he was putting together the mailer, he realized it was the best picture he had of himself in Genesee County, and that it was the only good picture he had of himself with Blake.

"I didn't mean to imply an endorsement," Coppola said. "It was just a nice picture."

He said he included the caption information because he thought the picture would look out of place without an explanation, and he said Blake suggested that if he left out the name of Gary Byerly that some people, especially his family members, might be offended.

October 10, 2010 - 1:52pm
posted by Billie Owens in politics, marc coppola.

Candidate for State Senate Marc Coppola put out this news release today, calling for "streamlined economic policies to encourage development and job growth."

The candidate for New York State Senate’s 61st District says too many layers of bureaucracy and red tape discourages small- and medium-size businesses. The end result is lost time and money that should be put into business building not government.

Coppola claims that there are too many layers of bureaucracy for entrepreneurs to deal with when attempting to open or expand their business.

“Current or prospective business owners get frustrated with the amount of paperwork and levels of government that they have to go through to open a business, let alone asking for assistance,” Coppola said.

Small- and medium-sized businesses are especially hurt because they don’t have the time or resources to hire lawyers and consultants to deal with all of the bureaucratic red tape.

“Just look on any wall of our local restaurants," he said. They have so many permits from so many different agencies that it could be wallpaper."

State economic development policies can provide safety for consumers while providing a "one-stop shop" for business owners so that they can spend less time dealing with government entities and more time growing their business and creating jobs.

“The state has the ability and authority to do this and should act swiftly in doing so. The ‘silver-bullet’ mentality for creating jobs in Upstate New York has gotten us nowhere. It’s time we recognize that and provide assistance to entrepreneurs, not barriers."

An overhaul of the state's economic development policies and consolidation of services and agencies is badly needed.

“(We should create) a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs in order to assist them as well as spend less money on administration and more on job creation."

He also claims that politicians too often say that they are working to help business and job growth with no details or plan of how to do so other than the customary, “cut taxes” approach.

September 21, 2010 - 12:14pm
posted by Billie Owens in politics, marc coppola, michael ranzenhofer.

Here's a news release sent in today from Marc Coppola, a Democrat running for the state Senate in the 61st District.

Candidate for New York State Senate Marc A. Coppola is railing against his opponent, incumbent Senator Michael Ranzenhofer. The 61st District Senator is an outright hypocrite, claiming to be a fiscal conservative, while spending like a liberal.

“Ranzenhofer continues to call for budget cuts and less spending, but what does he do? He spends, and spends, and then spends more taxpayer money,” Coppola said.

Ranzenhofer sent out taxpayer-funded mailings through his government offices. This most recent mailer simply invites people to come and meet his staff. Another mailer informs people to be safe on Halloween.

“Are these messages really important enough to spend thousands of taxpayers' dollars on?” asked Coppola.

The practice is widely criticized as wasteful.

Coppola believes Ranzenhofer is misleading the public when he sounds the alarm about state spending and reducing taxes, yet he continues to spend more than any other WNY Senator in his conference on useless mailers.

Ranzenhofer wants it both ways contends Coppola, “He’s telling his constituents that he’s trying to reduce state spending, but nobody will listen to him. He is ineffective because he has no creditability and doesn’t practice what he preaches.”

Coppola also criticized Ranzenhofer for using the system to further his re-election campaign with mailers close to the election at taxpayer expense. Ranzenhofer should have used campaign funds, said Coppola.

“He has over a quarter of a million dollars in his campaign war chest, why not lead by example and use that, rather than taxpayer money when the state is virtually bankrupt,” he added.

September 17, 2010 - 11:51am
posted by Billie Owens in Announcements, politics, marc coppola.

Here's a news release from Marc Coppola.

Candidate for the New York State Senate’s 61st District Marc Coppola is honored and proud to announce that former Congressman John J. LaFalce will be the Honorary Chairman of his campaign committee as he seeks to unseat the incumbent State Senator, Michael Ranzenhofer.

“I have always admired the Congressman for his statesmanship and advocacy for the people he has represented for many years as a member of the United State House of Representatives as well as a State Assemblyman and Senator.

"In fact, this is almost the exact senate district he represented when first elected to the New York State Senate in 1970. Mr. LaFalce cares very deeply about this community and I am honored to have his strong support as we try to maintain it, rebuild it, and secure it for generations to come” Coppola said.

As an elected representative of much of the 61st District for many years, the Congressman will be providing advice and guidance to the campaign on many fronts including, strategy and fundraising.

Chairman of the Erie County Democratic Party Len Lenihan stated that, “While John has continued to be a supporter of the party and its candidates, he rarely gets involved in individual contests. If he wasn’t 100-percent confident in Marc’s abilities as a legislator, he wouldn’t be doing this. Marc is fortunate to have his support.”
In announcing his support for Coppola Congressman LaFalce stated, “Marc is smart, knowledgeable, articulate, hard working, and dedicated to the public interest. He will not be a part-time Senator, but will devote his whole heart, mind, energy, and time to our representation. I endorse his candidacy enthusiastically and sincerely believe he can win.”

Others on the committee include Dan and Christine Christopher, Nick Crocco, former Legislator Michele Iannello (Town of Tonawanda), Vianne Uthman, Michael Szukla, and Councilman Mark Manna (Amherst), Sam Scinta (City of Tonawanda), Councilman Justin Rooney (Town of Newstead) and Lorie Longhany, Chris Charvella, and Lori and Randy Dibble (Genesee County).

September 3, 2010 - 1:51pm
posted by Billie Owens in politics, marc coppola, public employee benefits.

Here's a new release sent to us today from Marc Coppola, Democratic candidate for state Senate in the 61st District.

In a letter to New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, Senate candidate Marc Coppola, is asking for assistance to local governments (cities, towns, villages) in conducting an audit of the healthcare benefits paid by taxpayers for public employees.

Coppola acknowledges in his letter that most local governments do not have the resources to conduct such an audit.

He cites a New York “dependent eligibility” audit that is estimated to save the state $25 million per year. He also cites news of the City of Buffalo paying benefits for years for more than 150 deceased individuals.

“This is not an indictment on any administration or public servants," Coppola said. "It is simply a process that should be done periodically because the amount of employees and dependents can be so vast that nobody can keep track of every dollar."

Through collective-bargaining contacts, public employees are given healthcare benefits paid for by local property taxes. Employees and their dependents are eligible for these benefits as well, and in many cases the total cost for local governments is the second highest of all expenses (after wages).

Coppola said that as a (Townawanda) councilmember in 2003, he sponsored legislation calling for an audit of dependents because he knew than that this was a way to save money, control costs and realign healthcare expenses.

“We can no longer tax our way out of some of these financial issues," he said. "Services supplied at the local level are of the most important services offered by government and we need to find ways to be more effective and cost efficient.

"We can’t just cut services or raise property taxes. I believe that with the assistance of the State Comptroller local governments would save millions for taxpayers.”

August 23, 2010 - 3:02pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in politics, election, marc coppola.

I met Marc Coppola on Saturday and today he sent along this note, which I thought worth sharing:


Nice running into you at Summer in the City in Batavia this past Saturday. As I mentioned, I thought it was ironic that someone commented on your site that I was anti-gun when in fact I hold and carry permits for my own guns (and have) for almost 19 years now. And, in case anyone should ask, I do support the right to keep and bear arms. I believe that while the approval process for obtaining a pistol permit in NYS could be quicker, we do it right, trying to assure that those who pose a real threat to society or themselves, don't wind up with a dangerous weapon.

On a more current legislative issue, microstamping, I think that the reasoning and idea behind it has merit, but there are two things lacking that would prevent my support: technology and economics.

My understanding is that the technology of microstamping is still in its evolution stage. Given this, I think it is a large step and therefore premature to enact such a law for NYS at this time.

Secondly, since the law would only apply to guns legally purchased in NY state, and data shows that most guns used in the commission of a crime originated from outside NYS, you have to question the true impact of the legislation.

On the economic side of the equation, this may cause just another burden on NYS businesses that sell or deal guns and related equipment. It puts NYS again, in a less competitive position, which could hurt a strong industry, especially in upstate NY.

Sorry if I sound like I'm on the soap box, just something I wanted to clarify since it was mentioned.

Unfortunately our government leaders, well-intentioned at times, take knee-jerk reactions to things without fully exploring and considering the true impacts, both positive and negative. Using guns for hunting and sport is a tradition and culture particularly in upstate, throwing the baby out with the bathwater so to speak is not good policy.

Take care,
Marc Coppola

(Note: He is a Democrat running for state Senate in the 61st District.)

July 30, 2010 - 5:20pm
posted by Billie Owens in politics, Mike Ranzenhofer, marc coppola.

Here's a news release from Democrat Marc Coppola, a candidate for NY State Senate.

New York Senator Mike Ranzenhofer’s comments on the state budget are nothing more than empty rhetoric. This week Ranzenhofer criticized members of the state legislature over the budget process, but failed to point out his own lack of accomplishment.

He and his colleagues provide a lot of criticism and offer little by way of solution.

Coppola said: “There are 62 members in the New York State Senate and it only takes 32 to pass a bill. Even with nine members absent, the remaining 53 are more than enough to get something accomplished. The fact that nothing is getting done is due to senators like Mike Ranzenhofer who would rather accomplish nothing so that they can play partisan blame games."

Ranzenhofer has also been missing in action when it comes to the battle to pass the UB 20/20 legislation. The university is the district’s largest employer and in desperate need of help.

“I challenge the incumbent senator to show some independence and work for the people who elected him, not his party leader. I challenge him to do something for his district and WNY. New York State is in its most difficult financial crisis since the Great Depression. This is no time for partisan politics. It is a time for all members to act like adults and work together for the good of all New Yorkers.”

July 18, 2010 - 2:24pm
posted by Billie Owens in politics, marc coppola, steve ranzenhofer.

Here's a news release from Marc Coppola, state senate candidate for New York’s 61st District.

Senate candidate Marc Coppola is challenging his election opponent "not to associate with corrupt party leaders."

Coppola is calling on incumbent Michael Ranzenhofer, to decline the state’s Independence Party nomination.

“Accepting the support of Independence Party political boss Frank McKay and his upstate colleague, former Democratic Party Chairman Steve Pigeon, sends the wrong message to voters," Coppola said. "Both are under state and federal investigation for alleged money laundering and campaign finance violations.”

Several media outlets around the state have reported that McKay is under investigation by the New York City District Attorney’s office for possible money laundering in connection with NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s re-election campaign. Media outlets have also reported that Pigeon is the focus of multiple investigations by state and federal authorities for similar violations in connection with other campaigns.

Board of Elections records show Senator Ranzenhofer filed an acceptance for the Independence Party nomination on July 12. To get the party’s nod, McKay himself must give the authorization.

Ranzenhofer’s acceptance of the Independence Party line, while knowing that Chairman McKay and Pigeon are both under investigation troubles Coppola.

“I can’t say that I am surprised that Senator Ranzenhofer is willing to work with corrupt party bosses for his own political gain,” Coppola said. “To secure the senate majority, Mr. Ranzenhofer voted to make State Senator Pedro Espada President of the Senate.

"It was a move that put Espada in line to potentially be the next governor. It came even after Espada had been fined by the State Board of Elections for campaign finance violations, and while Espada was under criminal investigation by state and federal authorities.

“It is clear that Senator Ranzenhofer is willing engage with corrupt politicians and party bosses if it benefits him politically. When I started this campaign, I called for an end to cross-endorsements and fusion voting for precisely this reason.

"Confidence in government and its leaders is at an all time low in New York State and the corruption of our political system is a major reason why. I choose to take the high road and not ally myself with party leaders who are under criminal investigation. I challenge my opponent, Mr. Ranzenhofer, to do the same.”

It should also be noted that Senator Ranzenhofer is pursuing the Independence Party line even after he called for Steve Pigeon to be investigated in 2008. It came when Pigeon and Rochester billionaire Tom Gollisano supported Ranzenhofer’s opponent Baby Joe Mesi in the last election.

July 2, 2010 - 2:55pm
posted by Billie Owens in Mike Ranzenhofer, marc coppola.

Democrat Marc Coppola of Townawanda kicked off his senate campaign on Wednesday. He plans to run against Republican Mike Ranzenhofer for the senate seat in the 61st District.

He says it's time for a change in Albany and he knows how to do it.

He said New York needs to simplify the process for starting a small business. He also wants to set a constitutional deadline to eliminate overdue budgets in the future.

This information was provided by WBTA.

June 22, 2010 - 2:23pm
posted by Billie Owens in Ranzenhofer, marc coppola, ny senate.

Here's a news release from Marc Coppola, a candidate for state Senate:

Marc Coppola, Town of Tonawanda resident and candidate for NYS Senate, is calling for an end to political corruption in Albany. Several minor party leaders are now under investigation for alleged illegal activities.

Coppola, who is the endorsed Democrat for State Senate running against Mike Ranzenhofer for the 61st District, believes fusion voting is part of the problem. It’s an election system that allows for candidates to run on multiple party lines.

“Minor parties and their leaders have a disproportionate amount of influence in New York State politics and our government,” Coppola said. “It has proven to be a pay-to-play system and a breeding ground for corruption.

"New York is one of only several states in the country that allows the tail to wag the dog and the voters and residents of this state deserve better."

Coppola has not requested, and will not accept, any party nomination other than his own and challenges his opponent, incumbent Ranzenhofer, to do the same.

"As long as candidates participate in this system that has become disingenuous, sometimes corrupt, and an insult to voters, it will continue," Coppola said. "I for one choose not to."

If elected, Coppola will sponsor legislation ending fusion voting in New York State.

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