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Mighty St. Joe's Drum & Bugle Corps

HLOM mini-exhibit 'St. Joseph's Drum Corps: 53 years later'

By Press Release

Press Release:

Come by the Holland Land Office Museum and check out our new mini-exhibit, "St. Joesph's Drum Core: 53 Years Later!"

From April to the end of September, view photographs, uniforms, and other artifacts relating to the nationally ranked local drum corps from the twentieth century!

Beginning in 1931 under the direction of Rev. T. Bernard Kelly, pastor of St. Joseph's Church in Batavia, the St. Joseph's Drum Corps was created and went on to be nationally ranked. Winning 8 New York State American Legion titles and other national titles! The drum crops were active until 1971. However, they have a reunion corps called the "Mighty St. Joe's" in Le Roy.

The exhibit includes uniforms, photographs, instruments, and much more of members of alumni of the Drum Corps.

The mini-exhibit is available during regular museum hours, Tuesday-Saturday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. with regular admission. Come and check it out on your next visit to the Holland Land Office Museum.

Exhibition at Van Detta puts area drum and bugle corps in the local spotlight

By Howard B. Owens
Mighty St. Joes Drum and Bugle Corp

A drum and bugle corp exhibition at Van Detta Stadium on Saturday night provided enthusiasts for the genre to see a variety of ensembles to perform, said Shannon Mellander, a music teacher and one of the organizers.

"There's not a lot of places to go and see some of this competitive drum corps up in New York, even though there used to be a long time ago," Mellander said. "So it's kind of nice to have something a little bit centrally located in Western New York where people can get a glimpse. They don't have to watch a video."

The event was also a fundraiser for Batavia High School's Winterguard.

Participating were:

  • St. Joseph's of Batavia Brass Ensemble
  • Brig Juice
  • The Hamburg Kingsman
  • The Mighty St. Joe's Drum and Bugle Corp of Le Roy (featured in the accompanying photos)
  • The White Sabres

The White Sabres is an all-ages summer program that competes regionally and includes several Batavia students.

It was their preview performance of their 2023 program, "Invasions," which is a homage to iconic science fiction films such as War of the Worlds, Signs, and Independence Day. 

The group next takes the show on the road, with performances in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and downstate, culminating a finals competition in Rochester at the Rochester Community Sports Complex on Labor Day Weekend.

"(The exhibition) is really exciting for us to be able to have this in our hometown, in Batavia, because there are a lot of people from this area involved in all of these groups, alumni groups, in the White Sabres," Mellander said.  "There are people from Rochester, there's kids that come from Binghamton and from Buffalo and Jamestown. I like that we're able to feature them, and everybody can come and see them since all of the competitions are out of town."

Photos by Howard Owens.

Mighty St. Joes Drum and Bugle Corp
Mighty St. Joes Drum and Bugle Corp
Mighty St. Joes Drum and Bugle Corp
Mighty St. Joes Drum and Bugle Corp
Mighty St. Joes Drum and Bugle Corp
Mighty St. Joes Drum and Bugle Corp
Mighty St. Joes Drum and Bugle Corp
Mighty St. Joes Drum and Bugle Corp
Mighty St. Joes Drum and Bugle Corp
Mighty St. Joes Drum and Bugle Corp

Mighty St. Joe's Drum & Bugle Corps seeks new members, open house is Sunday in Le Roy

By Billie Owens

The Mighty St. Joe's Drum & Bugle Corps invites people who are interested in joining its ranks to an Open House from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 14, at Wolcott Street School in Le Roy.

The school is located at 2-6 Trigon Park (off East Main Street).

Mighty St. Joe's Drum & Bugle Corps is a noncompetitive group from the WNY/Rochester area, which participates in parades, indoor concerts and field shows. It is looking for new members of all ages and all sections, including brass, percussion, working guard and Honor Guard.

All levels of experience are welcome.

Visit MSJ on the Web at:

Send email inquiries to:

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