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missing cat

'Kitler' the kat is missing -- Who could forget a face like that?

By Billie Owens
Oct 22, 2015, 5:47pm

This little feline funny face is "Kitler." He was last seen Oct. 12 around the North Spruce Apartments, his home in the City of Batavia. He is very skittish and spooks easily.

If he's in a captive space, please keep him there and contact his mom. If you see him, try to keep an eye on him and contact his mom. He's a big boy. He weighs just over 20 pounds. Zounds! Please help get him home!

Jeanine Messinger is desperately hoping that someone will recognize him. Please call 585-455-0560 if you can help.

FOUND young orange tabby

By Rachel Oshlag
Apr 19, 2009, 1:15pm

FOUND: Young orange tabby (most likely under 1 year) with amber eyes. Very friendly. North Spruce area.

Please sign my guestbook if you have any information!  Thank you!

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