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October 21, 2013 - 3:47pm
posted by Rick Franclemont in football, sports, nofa, Tri-Town Trojans.

The Akron Tigers rolled into Alexander Saturday trying to solidify the standings with only one more week of regular season games before playoffs.

The beginners: (No score / standing are kept at this level.)

Mini Division:

Akron (7-1-0) beat Tri-Town (5-3-0) by a score of 13-0

Scoring for Akron: Ty Nicometi reception from Aidan Smith (no extra point)

Travis Fry touchdown (extra point by Aidan Smith)

JV: Akron (3-5-0) beat Tri-Town (0-8-0) by a score of 26-0

Scoring for Akron:

Jacob Mazza (nephew of the legendary Daryl Mazza) (extra point by Adam Mietz)

Ryan Yager (extra point by Joseph Abrams)

Adam Mietz (no extra point)

Adam Mietz (no extra point)


Akron (8-0-0) beat Tri-Town (4-4-0) by a score of 32-0

Pictured above: A blocked field goal attempt.

Scoring for Akron:

Note -- I am doing my best to decipher the names from the roster, which was blurry.

Touchdown: #34 Jacob Sarow (extra point by #45 Morgan Smith)

Touchdown: #99 Robbie Pequeen (no extra point)

Touchdown: #99 Robbie Pequeen (extra point by #34 Jacob Sarow)

Touchdown: #99 Robbie Pequeen (no extra point)

Field Goal: #42 Dillon Adamczak

Field Goal: #42 Dillon Adamczak

This was the last home game for Tri-Town this year.

Thank You to all the coaches, players, cheerleaders, parents, fans, announcers and volunteers for a memorable season.

More pictures from this weekend can be found here: NOFA 2013 Alexander - Akron

October 8, 2013 - 7:36am
posted by Rick Franclemont in football, sports, youth football, Medina, nofa, Tri-Town Trojans.

Four games this weekend, two going to Medina and two to Alexander. The rain held out, but a soggy field led to muddy jerseys and slippery runs up the middle.


Scoring for the beginners were:

Alexander - Tyler Marino (Extra point by Tyler Marino)

Medina - Kaedon Hangartner (Extra point by Kaedon Hangartner)

Alexander - Clayton Bezon (Extra point by Clayton Bezon)

Alexander - Tyler Marino (No extra point)

Medina - Sawyer Kingsbury (Two-point conversion caught by Kaedon Hangartner)


Going into the game Medina was 6-0 and the Tri-town trojans were 4-2. Alexander threw everything they had at Medina and prevailed, breaking the Medina unbeaten streak.

Scoring for the mini division:

Medina - Aiden Pitts (Extra point by Aiden Pitts)

Medina - Joshua Wilson (No extra point)

Alexander - Nick Kramer (No extra point)

Alexander - Connor Scott (Extra point by Matthew Jasen)

Alexander - Connor Scott (No extra point)


It was all Medina on offense and defense today.

Scoring for JV:

Medina - Brian Fry (Extra point Brian Fry)

Medina - Brian Fry (Two-point conversion throw from Zachary Blount to Carson Dusett)

Medina - Interception by Brian Fry returned for a touchdown (Two-point conversion from Zachary Blount to Aron Seefeldt Jr.)

Medina - Brian Fry (No extra point)

Medina - Fumble recovered by Emmanual Taylor, who ran for a touchdown (Extra point by Brian Fry)


Medina Varsity squad held Alexander scoreless for the entirety.

Scoring for the varsity squad:

Medina - Damon Bloom (Two-point conversion throw from Izaiah Rhim to Johnethan Salone)

Medina - Damon Bloom (Extra point by Damon Bloom)

Medina - Ronnie Koonce III (Two-point conversion throw from Izaiah Rhim to Trenton Jones)

Medina - Trenton Jones reception from Izaiah Rhim (No extra point)

Medina - Trenton Jones fumble recovery, ran in for a touchdown (No extra point)

Medina - Trenton Jones reception from Izaiah Rhim (Extra point by Vincent Montague)

More pictures from this weekend's games can be found here: NOFA Alexander - Medina

August 21, 2013 - 2:07pm
posted by Rick Franclemont in football, sports, PYA, Tri-Town Trojans, nofa.

The opening weekend for NOFA football was warm and sunny. First stop this year was Alexander visiting Pembroke.





Scoring breakdown : Pembroke - Tyson Totten (2) and Isaiah Cary (1); Alexander - Tyler Marino (3), Clayton Bezon (2) and Brock Stout (1).





Scoring breakdown : Alexander - Matthew Jason (Extra point by Matthew Jason), Nick Kramer (Extra point by Connor Scott), Connor Scott (Extra point by Nick Kramer), Bryce Stout (Extra point by Nick Kramer) and Mason Bump (Extra point by Connor Scott)





Scoring breakdown: Pembroke: Jonah Blake (Extra point by David Colby), Garrett Totten (No extra point), David Colby (Two point conversion caught by Matthew Barry), Colby Cerasini (No extra point), and David Colby (Extra point by Garrett Totten)





Scoring breakdown: 

Pembroke - Michael Natalzia (No extra point), Michael Natalzia (Extra point by Zack VonKramer), Zack VonKramer (Extra point by Trevor Cox), Jacob Howes-Garofalo (No extra point), Alex Linsenbigler (Extra point by Alex Linsenbigler), Jacob Howes-Garofalo (No extra point), Ethan Stone (Extra point byMichael Natalzia)


Alexander - Jacob Jasen (No extra point), Tyler Cook (No extra point), Jacob Jasen (Extra point by Kameron Lyons)


More pictures from the opening day can be found at : Francletography.com

October 31, 2012 - 9:50am
posted by Rick Franclemont in batavia, football, sports, championship, Bulldawgs, varsity, nofa.

The Batavia Bulldawgs varsity squad made it to the NOFA championships after an amazing season of youth football. 

Meeting BarLyn Saturday in Medina, the Bulldawgs took the field on a cold and rainy night under the lights on artificial turf.

Unfortunately for Batavia, the BarLyn team played like a team possessed and brought the ball on the ground and air in wave after wave.

Edward Schildt of BarLyn had six touchdowns, one extra point and three interceptions. 

Eric Neace Jr. added two touchdowns for BarLyn with Christian Wolck receiving a pass for a two-point conversion.

The Bulldawg's lone score came from a long touchdown run by Demetrius Spinks.

Congratulations to the Bulldawgs on a great season!

More pictures from this game, the other playoff games, and previous games this season can be found at Francletography.com

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