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Scott Wakefield

Local author joins science-fiction comic book team

By Press Release


Scott Wakefield

Press release:

Local author, Scott Wakefield, joins UGH! Entertainment’s creative team as they launch the debut of their epic, years-in-the-making science-fiction comic book tale, The Ku-Mighty, now on Zoop Collective for pre-order.

The Ku-Mighty is a deeply-developed story world co-created by acclaimed Starlight Runner Entertainment that taps into our Earth's mythology, legends, and secret societies, and turns them all upside down. Several species and god-like entities populate a planet much like Earth and share a common lineage to be revealed as the story unfolds.

Scott was asked to provide creative feedback and story editing for their first comic, and will take on a writing role as the story world grows.

“The Ku-Mighty world is sprawling,” says Scott, “with deeply developed characters, and huge stakes on the line, which will give readers an immersive, thrilling story. Without spoiling too much, my writing will focus on a seafaring storyline – which I’m in love with – and will also include developing portions of the book from the antagonists’ point of view. I’m excited to see how it all grows and winds back together.”

This first issue will introduce readers to the Mythical-like Anthro species, their world, their plight and the omen of war, obliteration, and sacrifice.

Issue #1, Rise of the Righteous, starts with a dangerous relic-hunting expedition led by a Sage-Warrior named Pan-Ku, who, along with his band of “Collectors,” have dedicated themselves to unraveling a deep mystery.

Scott Wakefield joins story creators Scott and Todd Housel, both United States Navy veterans,  who collaborated with storytellers Fabian Nicieza, Jeff Gomez, Richard Garfield, and many others to bring this story to life.

To order your inaugural copy of The Ku-Mighty, and get exclusive content, go to:

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