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Photos: Washington Towers honors residents who have quit smoking

By Howard B. Owens

Jeanne Graber and Margaret Hughes are quitters, and we mean in a good way. Graber and Hughes were among a group of Washington Tower residents who were recognized Friday for successfully quitting the cigarette habit. Some of the quitters have stopped within the past year, and others haven't smoked in up to 60 years.

Conversations with Calliope- Writing Frenzy

By Joseph Langen


JOE: Good morning Calliope.
CALLIOPE: Good Morning Joe. Sounds like you have been busy.
JOE: I have been. Over the weekend I wrote a book review and today I wrote my column which I will share with you on Saturday. I didn’t get to the spirituality and victim article yet. Would you like to read the book review?
CALLIOPE: I would.
JOE: Okay, Here it is:

Review of Positively Quit, by Cassius Cheong, published by Positively Quit $14.95.

If you want to quite smoking, do you begin cold turkey, gradually, or with nicotine replacement? Cassius Cheong’s Positively Quit Manual suggests starting in your head. What do you think about smoking and more importantly about yourself and your relationship with cigarettes? The approach is logical and detailed but easy to follow. It starts with how you view yourself and the process of quitting. Next you will consider assumptions about smoking, reasons people start smoking and justifications for smoking. Then it debunks common false beliefs about the benefits of smoking.

The manual provides a step by step approach to preparing to quit, managing smoking triggers, handling the first day and then maintaining progress. The guide is comprehensive yet succinct. The steps are clearly laid out in order and accompanied by checklists to keep you organized.

The author supports his opinions with research conclusions. You don’t have to wade through endless pages to find the conclusions. Research findings are laid out clearly and cited with references for those interested in a more detailed account. Cheong also includes a list of twenty-three books to help round out your self improvement quest.

This approach is designed for “smokers who are rational, independent-minded and determined to quite for good.” It is a complete but concise guide to success with smoking cessation even if your previous efforts have left a bad taste in your mouth.

JOE: That’s it. Talk with you on Friday.

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