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Snipery Road

Unusual Discovery Made on Vacant Property in Pembroke

By Chris Butler

A vacant lot on Snipery Road in Pembroke is up for sale, but a search and survey process recently uncovered a surprise 133 years in the making.

As it turns out, a small portion of the property’s northwest corner is part of the tax map — but it is not part of the title.

This is according to the minutes of last week’s Pembroke Town Board meeting.

“Search work was done on this little parcel, and a deed was discovered from 1890 showing ownership to the Highway Commissioners of the Town of Pembroke,” according to the minutes.

“There was no other title or deed found moving the property out of the hands of the Highway Commissioners of the Town of Pembroke. We checked all public records, and due to the time frame, there are no records on file of the town owning the property and no board minutes since the Town Board minutes don’t begin until 1911.”

Board members were also informed that the current adjoining property owner has paid taxes on the property for an undisclosed number of years. To clear up the search and survey, and deed, the town must sell the property back to the adjoining property owner for a nominal fee.

Town Supervisor Thomas Schneider Jr. will speak with Town Assessor Tina Rados at an undisclosed time to get a value. Board members must pass a resolution by permissive referendum to finalize the sale, according to the minutes.

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