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County planning board OKs Bergen party rental equipment project, Speedway fuel station in Pembroke

By Mike Pettinella

The Genesee County Planning Board on Thursday night recommended the approval of a proposal to build a 60,000-square-foot facility to house a party rental equipment business in Apple Tree Acres Business Park in the Town of Bergen.

The board also recommended approval -- with modifications -- of an expansion of Amada Tool in the City of Batavia, a new earth shoring business in the Town of Batavia and a new Speedway fueling station/convenience store in the Town of Pembroke.

All decisions by county planners are subject to approval by municipal town boards and zoning boards, and may require public hearings.

According to the site plan review submitted by Hank Parker Rental, the party rental equipment building would measure 200 by 300 feet.

Planners deemed that the business would have no adverse effects on the area, but recommended the applicant apply with the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office to ensure that the address meets Enhanced 9-1-1 standards.

Alexander Amering, PE, of Costich Engineering submitted a site plan review to construct a 19,000-square-foot addition to Amada Tool at 4A Treadeasy Ave.

Planners signed on but stipulated that the applicant check with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation concerning any archaeological impact and also to complete a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan prior to final approval from the City Planning & Development Committee.

The same modifications apply to a site plan review submitted by Paul Vellano for an earth shoring office and storage facility at 4814 E. Saile Drive. The plan calls for the construction of a building measuring 40 feet by 80 feet.

Earth shoring and retention focuses on retaining soil that has been subjected to either a natural, unstable slope or a man-made excavation and when required, supporting existing adjacent structures.

Speedway, per applicant Jonathan Wocher, is proposing to construction a new gas station/store, and sought a special use permit and area variances for the number of signs – five as opposed to the maximum allowed of two; sign height – 100 feet as opposed to the maximum allowed of 50 feet, and sign area, 892 square feet as opposed to the maximum allowed of 100 square feet.

Planners recommended approval contingent upon the following:

-- Apply and obtain an area variance, or merge the two parcels (a Subway restaurant is on the other) as the land separation would result in the parcel to the south having less than the required frontage;

-- Reduce the freestanding sign area and height to conform with the Town's regulations or to a level consistent with the neighboring truck stops;

-- Conduct a phase 1 archeological survey wherever there will be a disturbance of the land;

-- Obtain documentation from NYS DOT for approval of the driveway given the change of use/intensity;

-- Complete, per DEC requirements, a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP);

-- Ensure that the storage and disposal of all new and used waste oils, lubricants, fuels, coolants and other hazardous materials lines up with all applicable State and Federal laws.

County Planning Director Felipe Oltramari said the developer agreed to all the modifications, including trying to obtain more frontage by possibly acquiring some property from the neighboring hotel on the east side of Route 77.

He also said the DOT will be restriping some of the road to help facilitate turning to and from the NYS Thruway.

Photo: Hess gives way to Speedway

By Howard B. Owens


New signs are going up today on the Hess station at the corner of Oak and Main streets, Batavia.

The gas station and convenience store will now be known as Speedway.

The changeover is part of a massive rebranding effort at all Hess locations. The Hess chain of 1,250 convenience stores and gas stations was purchased by Marathon Petroleum Corp. for $2.82 billion a year ago and Speedway is the current Marathon brand for its stores.

From a trade publication:

“Speedway continues to make excellent progress transitioning its new retail locations to the Speedway brand,” he said (Gary R. Heminger, CEO and president of MPC). “As of [April 30], we have converted more than 400 stores, including 260 completed during the first quarter.

“This rapid pace of store conversions contributes to our confidence that we will achieve the synergies and marketing enhancements we expect as we integrate this business. … I'm very pleased with the progress that they're making, both in getting the stores converted, and secondly, the inside sales results bump that we're starting to see.”

Describing the process, Heminger said, “The comprehensive transition for each store not only includes the changing of signs and canopies, but it's a complete system changeover, which includes the backoffice, point-of-sale and inventory control systems, as well as integration of the Speedy Rewards Loyalty Program.”


By Danielle Buczek

Lime Rock Speedway
21 Flint Road - Caledonia, NY
(just west of Caledonia off Route 5)

Sign Up 9 AM - 11 AM
Racing Starts at NOON


$15 per person
$25 per couple
Kids 12 & under free
* additional $5 per person to race *

Event Date and Time

results for racng at genesee speedway on 8/2

By chris johnson
Greg Mrzywka Picks Up First Win of 2008 at Genesee Speedway


BATAVIA, NY (August 2, 2008)- Once again on a Saturday, the storm clouds found a detour around Genesee County and allowed racing to get in.  The end result would be the largest car count in years and a night to remember a great ambassador of racing.


With the white flag flying in the Troyer Chassis Sportsman, there were still four drivers that had a chance to easily lead the next time around; as it would turn out, consistency would be the way for Greg Mrzywka to get to Victory Lane.


Mrzywka, of Holley, took the lead from rookie Henry Maier on lap five and did the job holding off past champions Brian Sage and Rob Pratt for the win.


On the races final restart, Pratt moved from fourth to second and began to pressure the No. 04 of Mrzywka.  Pratt nearly lost control of his No. p38 in turn two though and would give the leader just enough room to hold on.


It was Greg’s first win since 2006 at the 1/3-mile.  He would also become the seventh different winner in the division this season.


Pratt would hang on for second, with Brian Sage, who was so fast early on, slipping to third.  Rounding out the top-five would be Stubby Pangrazio and Don Spatorico, the top two in points.


The Castle Powered Late Models simply could not get into a rhythm in their feature, with six cautions falling in the first six laps.  In an effort to allow the solid field to regroup, the decision was made to send the cars to the pits to run at the end of the night.  As it would turn out, the hard 11:00 p.m. curfew would end up postponing the event until August 16, when the race will be completed.  J.J. Mazur had taken the lead just before the final caution.


Jeb Walworth inherited the lead in the Power Trip Energy Drink Street Stock Feature on lap 7 when Nathan Arnold took his car pit side.  He would stretch out his advantage and cruise to his second win of the year.


Walworth survived a number of challenges to defeat Colton Chappius Jr., Lee Zimmerman, Matthew Pfalzer and Jason Babbit.

Russ Wassner shook off the bad luck of 2008 by picking up the first win in the Professional Driver Institute Mini Stock Feature.


Wassner took the lead on lap three from Mike Sweeney and held him off on the race’s only restart on lap 9.  He would pull away in the closing laps to continue his streak of winning seasons.


Behind Wassner was Sweeney, Dan Norton, Rick Johnson and point leader Brandon Aradine.


P.J. Havens became the eighth different winner in the DML Driveway Sealing Division, taking the lead early and winning the final event of the night over James Maier and Tom Urban.


Genesee Speedway Results: 8/2/2008-

American Cancer Society Jack Veach Memorial Night


Castle Powered Late Model Feature (15 Laps)- Postponed until 8/16


Lap Leaders- T. Pangrazio 1, Mogavero 2-5, Mazur 6-

Heat Winners- Rivers, Babbitt, Boyle.


Troyer Chassis Sportsman Feature (20 Laps)- GREG MRZYWKA, Rob Pratt, Brian Sage, Stubby Pangrazio, Don Spatorico, John Baker, Steve Schumacher, Sandy Pembleton, John Panattoni, Justin Wright, Guy Steffen, Henry Maier, John Venuto, Jason Hallett, Ricky Newton, Rob Richmond Jr., Tim Downs, Kerry Ball, Don Ogden.


Lap Leaders- Downs 1-2, Maier 3-4, Mrzywka 5-20.

Heat Winners- Baker, Downs.


Power Trip Energy Drink Street Stock Feature (20 Laps)- JEB WALWORTH, Colton Chappius Jr., Lee Zimmerman, Matthew Pfalzer, Jason Babbit, Jeremy Denton, John Fry, John Giles, Dave Downs, Dave Conant, Mark Loveland, Dave Bansmer, Dan Pries, Nathan Arnold, Bill Kowsky, Chip Wood, Kevin Mitchell, Kyle Rupp, Steve Austin, Darrel Moyer.


Lap Leaders- Arnold 1-6, Walworth 7-20.

Heat Winners- Loveland, Walworth.


Professional Driver Institute Mini Stock Feature (15 Laps)- RUSS WASSNER, Mike Sweeney, Dan Norton, Rick Johnson, Brandon Aradine, Alan Kemp, Randy Barclay, Jason Hull, Samantha Burch, Duane Pingrey, Tom Amico, Ed Neal, Sean McKeller, Bobby Dickinson, Pat Powers, Mark Forsha.


Lap Leaders- Sweeney 1-2, Wassner 3-15.

Heat Winners- Aradine, Johnson.


DML Driveway Sealing Bandits Top 3 (8 Laps)- P.J. HAVENS, James Maier, Tom Urban.


Lap Leaders- Maier 1, Havens 2-8


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