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Man reportedly throwing tables and chairs at Tully's

By Howard B. Owens

Batavia PD is responding to Tully's for a report of an intoxicated male causing a ruckus. 

He was reportedly throwing tables and chairs around in the restaurant.

When police arrived, he was reportedly in a vehicle about to leave.  An officer is with him now.

House parties hurt sports bars on Super Bowl Sunday

By Brian Hillabush

Everybody has their own particular thing they like to do for the Super Bowl. Some have traditions and some do something different every year.

I have watched the game almost ever year with my best friend and his father. I always figured a lot of people watched the game at a sports bar, but that isn't the case.

"Actually, it isn't," said Rick Mancuso, owner of TF Brown's in Batavia. "It has turned into a day where people stay home and have house parties. They typically don't go out that day, so it isn't that big."

Mancuso says that TF Brown's was always slow on Super Bowl Sunday, until he started throwing a private party to get people in there. He invites about 175-200 people each year to fill up the restaurant/sports bar. The party starts at around 4 p.m. and most people leave right after the game.

"Couples and a lot of people from all over area come," Mancuso said. "They come for some great food and to watch the game."

Tully's is a chain restaurant/sports bar that has one located in Batavia. They offer all kinds of specials on Super Bowl Sunday and gets a very small crowd because of house parties.

We run specials and try to do what we can to bring people in, but we don't get a good return on everything," said manager Dennis Harper.

What are your plans for Superbowl Sunday?
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