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Portion of Main St. will be single lane starting May 8

By Press Release

Press Release:

All residents/businesses and local traffic please be aware that Route 5 between Bank Street and Redfield Parkway will experience traffic delays beginning on Monday May 8, while Verizon will be closing one of the two west bound lanes starting at Bank Street ending at Redfield Parkway. This will be about a two week duration.

When Verizon’s operation gets to Route 98, Route 98 northbound will be closed for one day.

Please contact the NYS Department of Transportation at (585)343-0502 if there are any questions.

Verizon workers in Batavia protest potential job losses, cuts in wages, benefits and security

By Billie Owens

Photo by Howard Owens.

WBTA provided the interview on which this story is based.

Verizon workers were out protesting on Lewiston Road this afternoon. They are members of Communication Workers of American Local 1117.

Spokesman Phil Rudnick, executive vice president of the union, said a middle-class way of life here and in other states is at stake as the group battles against jobs being shipped overseas and major cuts in pay, benefits and security. They have been in contract negotiations with Verizon since June 2015.

"Corporate greed is the biggest complaint," Rudnick said, "and the retrogressive demands they are looking for are astronomical."

All the while, profits have never been healthier.

He said Verizon made $1.5 billion in profits each month last year; they are beating those figures so far this year, with monthly profits of $1.8 billion for January, February and March.

Verizon wants to send call center jobs overseas, and force outdoor technicians to work a couple of hundred miles away from home for months at a time, plus cut pay and benefits, and obliterate job security.

The workers with the most skin in the game to lose are the ones who built the money-making behemoth one landline at a time.

"We built the infrastructure that gave them the profitability to go into the wireless department," Rudnick said, "and they're making billions of dollars on wireless as well."

The work done by those represented by CWA 1117 feeds all the cell towers the phones work off of, the data networks and DSL files. Now Verizon wants to lay off landline techs and bring in contractors.

"We're just looking for fair, middle-class, stable jobs that we've had not to be taken away," Rudnick said.

The union's concession in millions of dollars in health-care costs was deemed "not good enough" in recent negotiations.

On the line are jobs here, in Buffalo, Syracuse and Albany, as well as other states.

Local politicians have been supportive of the union's plight, the union leader said.

Verizon at least five years away from installing FiOS in Batavia

By Howard B. Owens

Every once in a while somebody asks me if I know when Verizon is going to install FiOS in Batavia.

FiOS is supposedly the fastest broadband internet service available.

When speaking with John Bonomo, a spokesman for Verizon out of New York City, about manhole covers, I asked him, "what about FiOS?"

He said it would be at least five years before FiOS is installed in Batavia.

Right now, Verizon has its hands full, he said, upgrading networks in cities where Verizon has the cable franchise.

"We have to get the work done where we have agreements," Bonomo said. "We've got to complete these upgrades first."

Batavia's cable franchisee is Time-Warner.

Verizon service outage

By C D

Sometime around 12:30am, Verizon's network has completely lost service between in the area and as far east as Rochester. As updates and new information continue to come in, I'll continue to provide updates.


As of 12:55am, service is back.

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