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New shop aims to help people reclaim memories, be a gathering place for community

By Howard B. Owens


Bob Trombley had a nice side hustle going -- selling items that reminded people of pleasant pasts on eBay -- but doing that, working at the hospital in Warsaw, while raising four kids kept him a bit too busy.

So he decided, why not make the nostalgia business his main focus.

Saturday, joined by his wife and one of his children and the Chamber of Commerce, he cut the ribbon on his brand-new retail store in the Harvester Center, Vintage.

Just before cutting that ribbon, he recalled one customer who bought a radio-controlled car from him online. After the customer received it, he wrote Trombley a two-page email recalling the same RC car he lost at 13 and then spent 20 years looking for it again.

"Getting that meant everything to him," Trombley said. "It made me feel good about connecting those items to the past for people."

He wanted more of that.

“I noticed that a lot of items I sold online brought people happiness because they were things from their past," Trombley said.  

The new thrift and consignment store, will be more than a place to buy knickknacks from the past. He plans open mic nights on Thursdays (7 to 9). On Saturdays, parents can bring their kids in to "bang on the guitars on the wall" (and maybe get a free guitar lesson) (11 to noon). There will also be game nights and quilting lessons.

“We want a real sense of what it was like for me growing up in the '80s, just a real sense of a real community place," Trombley said.

Here's the Vintage internet link for hours and directions.





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