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January 20, 2010 - 10:08pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in genesee county, ways and means.

Lower interest rates on bond sales could allow the county to save more than $1 million in interest payments, County Treasurer Scott German told the Ways and Means Committee this afternoon.

German was there to seek authorization to rebond some of the county's previous bond purchases -- ones that helped build the court facility, make improvements to the county building and old courthouse, build the GCC technology center and renovate the county nursing home.

In all, the four projects account for $10.7 million in principle the county must repay, with interest rates as high as 5.3 percent. 

Once rebonded, rates would range from 3.5 to 3.7 percent.

The total savings would add up to $1,024,530.

The principle of the old bonds would be paid off with the purchase of the new bonds at the lower interest rate.

The committee authorized the rebonding, with Legislator Jay Grasso congratulating German on staying on top of the rebonding opportunity.

May 5, 2009 - 3:37pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in batavia, genesee county, ways and means.

geneseejustice.jpgThe Genesee Justice/Jail building at 14 West Main Street needs a new roof, and it seems the County Legislature Ways & Means Committee is in a little tiff with the city over what kind of roofing material is permissible.

The county applied to the city's Historic Preservation Board to replace the current roof with asphalt shingles, but the request was denied, according to minutes from the April 15 Ways & Means Committee meeting minutes.

The lowest of five bids for the re-roofing project, at $197,000, proposed asphalt shingles. The next lowest bid, using synthetic slate is $67,000 higher.

Committee members question whether the city has the authority to declare a county building part of a preservation zone.

The minutes note that the preservation board approved the synthetic slate roof "reluctantly," without any detail on what that means.

A motion to approve the $264,000 bid from Grove Roofing Services was tabled after some discussion and the matter was referred to the county attorney for further review.

During the discussion, County Legislator Jay Grasso noted that both City Hall and the new county courthouse have asphalt roofs.

At about 1 p.m. today, we e-mailed City Manager Jason Molino for clarification of the city's position and have yet to receive a reply.

UPDATE: After this post, I e-mailed County Manager Jay Gsell to double check whether anything had changed since the April 15 Ways and Means meeting.  In response, he made these points:

  • City Hall was not directly part of process county pursued to get approval for roof replacement options other than new slate.
  • The Historic Preservation Board was called on because of requirements in city Code, but the new buildings (as mentioned above) do not fall under the board's jurisdiction, so it's not an accurate comparison.
  • Bids were solicited as required by state law and the roof of this building is complex both interms of removal and new systems/replacement and materials with a 50-year life expectancy (asphalt shingle is 25 years).

"Bottom line is that roof is over 100 years old," Gsell wrote. "It's in bad shape. This building is on Register of Historic Buildings and we intend to keep using for county functions for a long time, including our  back up emergency 911 center should 165 Park Road for some bizarre reason not be functional."

The Ways and Means Committee meets tomorrow at 4 p.m. and will revisit this issue.

April 10, 2009 - 1:58pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in Announcements, genesee county legislature, ways and means.

PRESENT: Chair Zambito, Legislators Hancock, Leadley and Grasso.  County Manager Gsell. Also Present: Planning Director Duval, Emergency Management Coordinator Yaeger, Purchasing Director Kaleta, Emergency Communications Coordinator Sharpe, Personnel Officer Marchese, Youth Bureau Representative Frank, IT Director Zimmer, Interim Public Health Director Garney, Sheriff Maha, Mental Health Director Reaves, County Treasurer German, Deputy County Treasurer Landers, Concerned Citizen Steve Ferry, Legislator DeJaneiro, Daily News Reporter Mruzak, and Legislature Clerk Pratt.

Chair Zambito called the meeting to order at 4PM in the Legislature Conference Room. The minutes of the March 18 meeting were approved upon motion of Legislator Leadley seconded by Legislator Grasso.


March 17, 2009 - 6:20pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in Announcements, agenda, meeting, County, ways and means.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Old Courthouse

4:00 PM    Approval of March 4 minutes

4:00 PM    Lorie Cleveland, Real Property Director
1.    Department Review

4:15 PM    Referrals from Public Service
1.    Budget Transfer-Sheriff/Geodatabase Replication Program
2.    Budget Amendment-Sheriff/Homeland Security Carryover
3.    Airport Advisory Reappointment
4.    Establish Highway Capital Projects-Stimulus Package
5.    Surplus Equipment-Parks

County Manager Report
1.    Contract Renewal-NYMIR
2.    Out-of-state travel request-Undersheriff

Administrative Office Report

Chairman Report


    John Demske, Nursing Home Administrator
1.    Award RFP-Professional Design Services-Power Grid
2.    Budget Amendment-Capital Project

    Debbie Kerr-Rosenbeck, Youth Director
    1. Americorps Application-Stimulus Funding

    Matt Landers, Deputy Treasurer
1.    GCC Bonding Recommendation from Bond Counsel

    Karen Marchese, Personnel Officer
1. CSEA Contract Negotiations-expected to be held in Executive Session

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