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Young Democrats

Listening to America: Tonight!

By Daniel Jones

As Philip alluded to yesterday (, the Genesee County Young Democrats and the Albany Project will be co-hosting a 'Listening to America Meeting' on Wednesday, July 23rd at 7:30 PM at the Batavia City Center.  These meetings are part of the Obama campaign's and the Democratic Party's national strategy of letting grassroots supporters or potential grassroots supporters of Senator Obama and the Democratic party have input on what our foucs should be in the upcoming campaign. 

This is a free event and all are welcome to attend!

Listening to America: Wednesday

By Philip Anselmo

The Deomcratic Party this year is making an effort at promoting "grassroots" involvement in the presidential campaign by soliciting the input of anyone willing to give it in a series of platform meetings that will be held across the country. They are calling it "Listening to America." Questions and concerns brought up at the meetings are supposed to then be integrated in the Democratic platform in the upcoming presidential election.

From Saturday, July 19th to Sunday, July 27th, everyday people all across America will hold Platform Meetings in their homes, or in their local churches and even coffee shops, to help build the Democratic Party's platform for change from the bottom up.

Attend a Platform Meeting and tell us what matters to you, so we can incorporate your ideas into the party's platform. A few participants may even be invited to appear and testify at the National Hearing.

Batavia will get its chance to participate this week. Blogger Robert Harding (with the Albany Project) and President of the Genesee County Young Democrats Dan Jones will host a local "Listening to America" meeting at Batavia's City Centre Wedenesday at 7:00pm.

Jones says that he and Harding will write up "a recommendation in the form of a position paper to send to the (Democratic National Committee) and Senator Obama's campaign based on the discussion."

Powers Rallies Supporters, Serves Community

By Daniel Jones

On Saturday Jon Powers, the endorsed Congressional Candidate in the 26th Congressional District (which includes all of Genesee County) came out to Batavia to rally supporters and meet voters to help spread his positive message of change and real leadership.

He arrived at Main Street Coffee to meet an enthusiastic and fired up group of supporters.  Jon and his field director, Sara Gordon, gave us a quick rundown on canvassing (door-knocking) and on how to engage voters and sent us out into the field.

(Powers and Field Director Sara Gordon at Main Street Coffee)

Powers, an Iraq war veteran, didn't just campaign though.  With his combat boots laced up he entered a neighborhood where he met up with Council President Charlie Mallow and Councilpeople Rosemary Christian and Sam Barone along with other community volunteers that were helping clean up a portion of the city and began helping out.  In his clean white polo shirt he grabbed a rake and began raking branches and helping move bags.  Many who came out were impressed with the young veteran and teacher.  Many were impressed with his style and attitude.  I had the pleasure of spending this time with Jon, it was remarkable to see how people seemed to swarm around him, listening to him talk about his plans and his vision for our district and our country.

(Powers chats with Councilwoman Rosemary Christian at a Neighborhood clean-up)

After that he was off to Warsaw to fire up more supporters to canvass for him in Wyoming County and then was back at Batavia for a night at the American Legion.

One thing's for sure, Jon Powers isn't afraid to do the hard work of making a difference for our district. 

Thats what's going to win him this race.

Voter Registration Continues!

By Daniel Jones

The Young Democrats will continue its Voter Registration drive tommorow at Genesee Community College (in the forum).  If your 18, a citizen and aren't registered to vote (or have moved since you last registered) come on out now so you can register in time to vote in the general election.  Although the Democrats are sponsering the event, we will not discriminate our registration on the basis of desire to register as an Independent or a Republican....we just want to see as many people registered (and voting!) as possible!


I will be there all day tommorow, so if your aren't registered to vote, come on out!  And even if you are, come say hi, we always love the company.

Register to Vote!

By Daniel Jones

The Genesee County Young Democrats will be running a voter registration table at Genesee Community College (in the forum) on May 7th and 8th from Noon to 8pm.

There is still time to register to vote in the General Election, as Voter Registration forms typically take 30 days to process. For those already registered to vote, becoming registered or too young to be registered. as I was once involved but too young to vote myself, we will also have information on how to get involved in the Young Democrats and in the local political scene from the Democratic end.

However, even if your not interested in becoming actively involved in politics we will, regardless of party affiliation, help you become a registered voter none the less. See you on the 7th and 8th!

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