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Assemblyman Hawley wishes everyone a 'Happy Independence Day!'

By Billie Owens

Press release from Assemblyman Steve Hawley:

“As we wade into the dog days of summer, Independence Day is a cherished reminder that the American Dream is alive and well and the right of any nation and its people to live free should not be infringed upon.

“Our founding fathers, the patriots who forged our nation through a crucible of revolution, knew that the will of men and women to live free, govern themselves and choose their own destiny was undeniable and worth any sacrifice they may endure.

“The strength and courage of our founders to break from the tyranny of Great Britain, their home country, ultimately gave rise to the greatest military, economic and social power in world history, the United States of America.

“It is a true gift to have a sense of patriotism and it will forever be our responsibility to remember the brave men and women who made our country what it is today. The fight for liberty and justice is never complete; and as Americans it is our duty to remember and cherish our independence.

"It is a day to celebrate our freedom, our country, our triumphs and to remember all those men and women who have served our nation and who have made the ultimate sacrifice in pursuit of those ideals.

“Although this holiday is a joyous occasion, I encourage everyone to stay safe and to celebrate responsibly with family and friends. Happy Independence Day!”

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