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November 11, 2019 - 1:17pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in steve hawley, Veterans Cemetery, veterans, news.
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For more than 13 years, Assemblyman Steve Hawley and other members of the state Assembly have been pushing to get New York to do what many other states have done and build a state-run veterans' cemetery.

Yesterday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced he's ready to back such an effort. Hawley is co-sponsor of Assembly Bill 5347, which would establish a cemetery, and AB 887, which would help secure funding for a cemetery.

November 8, 2019 - 7:06pm
posted by Billie Owens in steve hawley, Veterans Day, news.

A statement from Assemblyman Steve Hawley:

As we approach Veterans Day weekend, Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) is urging his constituents and all New Yorkers to reserve some time to speak to and thank a veteran or current service member for their dedication and sacrifice to preserving our way of life.

Hawley, the son of a veteran, served seven years in the Ohio Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserves and reached the rank of 1st Lieutenant.

“Military service runs deep in my family and Veterans Day will always hold a special place in my heart,” Hawley said. “Whether it be my annual Patriot Trip to Washington, D.C., to give back to local veterans or my efforts in Albany, I try to improve the lives of our active military and veterans consistently throughout the year.”

Hawley is a true champion in Albany for our current and retired military members in Albany. When Downstate politician blocked a bill earlier this year to provide free college tuition to Gold Star families, Hawley launched a national campaign to ensure that the dependents of our state’s heroes receive the benefits they deserve, and ultimately was successful.    

“Our veterans display a tremendous amount of sacrifice and dedication to preserving our way of life and their actions have helped shape our country into the pinnacle of liberty and success,” Hawley continued. “I encourage all my constituents and New Yorkers alike to take time this weekend to thank a veteran for their service and pray for those who are still fighting overseas.”   

Hawley sponsors several pieces of legislation to make the “Campaign Service Medal” more inclusive, help veterans start small businesses and remove admission fees for veterans to state parks. Hawley also played a pivotal role in ushering in the Veterans Buy-back Bill that allows vets to purchase up to three years of military service back from the state in exchange for a credit toward their public pension.

October 30, 2019 - 4:55pm

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) responds to legislation introduced by Sen. Kevin Parker -- S.6821 -- that would allow locked-up felons the right to vote.

“This is a shameful display of governance that’s insulting not only to law-abiding citizens across New York, but members of law enforcement and the criminal justice system who worked diligently to get these dangerous predators off the street. 

“We are a nation of laws, but it has become crystal clear that New York City politicians believe those laws shouldn’t apply to illegal aliens, criminals or prison inmates – all of which should be held accountable and should face punishments. 

“The challenges facing our state are vast and diverse, but none of them should include making life easier for rapists, murderers and pedophiles. First it was free iPads for prisoners, next it was voting rights for parolees, then it was no bail requirement for accused drug dealers and felons, and now voting rights for inmates. 

“There’s a runaway train in New York tossing giveaways and luxuries to criminals, inmates and illegals and it's being conducted by Gov. Cuomo and New York City radicals.”

October 24, 2019 - 12:17pm

From Assemblyman Steve Hawley's office:

In conjunction with October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) is urging action on a number of measures to protect victims, help those who are in danger achieve safety and security and punish those who commit this terrible crime. 

During 2017, Hawley hosted one of many statewide forums in Batavia that brought together law enforcement, victims and their family members and advocates to share their stories and discuss ways to end the epidemic of domestic violence. As a result the Assembly Minority Conference issued a full report that takes an in-depth look at the issue and legislative solutions. 

 “Domestic violence is an atrocity that leaves a trail of heartache and devastation for friends, family members and the community long after abuse has taken place,” Hawley said. “It is our responsibility this month to bring awareness to this public health crisis and help victims find safety and security.”  

Some of the recommendations outlined in the report include:

  • Providing financial assistance and relief to victims seeking alternative housing or living in a shelter to escape their abuse;
  • Declaring domestic violence a statewide public health crisis;
  • Creation of a new “Domestic Violence in the Presence of a Child” crime with harsher penalties for abusers;
  • Allowing domestic violence victims to obtain emergency panic buttons through local law enforcement or social services; and
  • Freeing up law enforcement to arrest more abusers and keep victims safe.

Furthermore, Hawley is renewing calls to pass Brittany’s Law – legislation supported by both Democrats and Republicans that would create a public registry for violent felony offenders.

“It is truly a disgrace that legislation like this, aimed at saving lives and preventing domestic violence, sits idly in Albany despite having bipartisan support,” Hawley continued. “Individuals sometimes become romantically involved with a partner who has a troubled past but chose to hide it.

"This bill would make violent felons known to the public so as to prevent tragedy of those close to them. I will continue to push for a vote on Brittany’s Law as we prepare for session this winter.”

October 11, 2019 - 11:22am

From Assemblyman Steve Hawley:

In response to Assembly Bill 1413, which outlaws firearms as prizes in games of chance, Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) has vocally opposed this legislation as another example of Downstate government overreach.

Firearm raffles are an important source of funding for community activities and many local organizations, specifically fire departments, use the funds generated by these raffles to support the department and purchase equipment used to protect the community.

The legislation is authored by Jo Anne Simon, a Democrat from Brooklyn and sponsored by over a dozen New York City Democrats.  

“The widening disconnect between Downstate politicians and Upstate matters is alarming,” Hawley said. “It is the not the place of legislators in New York City to determine laws that significantly affect upstate affairs.

"Law-abiding gun owners have been subjected to increased regulations and harmful laws that blatantly violate their Second Amendment rights, and banning firearms as raffle prizes is yet another example.”

The standards of gun ownership do not change whether it’s purchased from a licensed dealer or won in a raffle. In order to claim possession, one must still pass the background checks and have the necessary permits. 

“Gun ownership is a proud and storied tradition in Western New York,” Hawley said. “It is not the business of city legislators to infringe on your constitutional rights and ultimately hurt our local charitable organizations.”

October 9, 2019 - 11:18am

From Assemblyman Steve Hawley:

In honor of October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) is calling on individuals to embrace education and early detection as primary mechanisms to fight the disease.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, breast cancer is the second-most common cancer among women in the United States and at the top of new cancer cases reported in New York in 2016. 

“As we all come together to emphasize our constant fight against breast cancer this month, it is critical to impart on the public that early detection is the key to beating this disease,” Hawley said.

“There are countless state and local programs, support groups and resources available to the public including through the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester (BCCR) as well as a free screening program that is part of state law to cover ineligible or uninsured women.” 

For more information on the state program or to find a screening location, click here.

On Oct. 23, BCCR will host its annual “Lives Touched, Lives Celebrated” event which pays tribute to all the women and men who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and includes a candlelight walk, music and poetry. For more information, visit https://bccr.org/lives-touched-lives-celebrated/.

October 4, 2019 - 12:41pm
posted by Billie Owens in news, campaign finance, steve hawley.

A statement by Assemblyman Steve Hawley on the proposed Public Finance and Elections Commission:

“The decision by Downstate Majority lawmakers to create a Public Finance and Elections Commission will have disastrous effects on both campaign ethics and taxpayers’ wallets. 

“Instead of diverting this to an outside panel, a decision of this magnitude should be debated and voted on with the input of the public. This should go through the legislative process; lawmakers must take responsibility for unpopular decisions, instead of washing their hands when something isn’t politically salient. 

“There is no justification for financing political campaigns on taxpayers’ dollars. The tax burden New Yorkers are subject to is ridiculous. The state was just ranked the third-least tax-friendly state in the country, and decisions like creating a Public Finance and Election commission are exactly why. 

“Instead of allocating tax dollars to fund political campaigns, the money should go to statewide improvements in infrastructure, such as clean drinking water and repairing deteriorating bridges and roads.

“I stand with my colleagues who have spoken out against this constitutional violation and abuse of power. The best interest of taxpayers has been put on the back burner for far too long.”

September 19, 2019 - 1:28pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in veterans, steve hawley, patriot trip, batavia.


This morning, for the 12th time in as many years, a group of veterans departed with Assemblyman Steve Hawley from the parking lot of Batavia Downs for Hawley's annual Patriot Trip to Washington, D.C.  

The veterans will visit historic monuments in Washington.

Pictured with Hawley are Jim Freas, of Medina, and George Bakeman, of Albion.


September 18, 2019 - 2:02pm
posted by Billie Owens in steve hawley, license plate fee, michael ranzenhofer.

A statement from Assemblyman Steve Hawley:

“I am proud to have fought against this unnecessary cash grab, and New Yorkers should be proud their voices and objections to this theft disguised as a necessity were heard. 

“This victory against tyranny and manipulation shows the governor and his Downstate puppets that if it’s your money they want, they better have good reason for it. The wallets of hard-working taxpayers have been bled dry for long enough.

“Gov. Cuomo’s decision to scrap his latest tax grab is a resounding triumph for taxpayers. The decision to instigate a $25 fee for new license plates, that cost no more than a few dollars to make, was an unfair and greedy money grab to fund the state’s lavish spending.

“The tax burden the people of New York are subject to already is preposterous. A state with $175 billion in tax revenue can easily afford to replace these plates without taking the hard-earned money from your pockets.

“I will continue to fight to keep your hard-earned money where it belongs. I devote myself to protecting the middle class against any unfair cash grabs, taxes or fees.”

UPDATE -- Late this afternoon, Senator Michael Ranzenhofer issued a statement about the issue:

The governor's license plate replacement plan hit a roadblock; facing a backlash, Cuomo put the brakes on his license plate replacement plan.

After weeks of defending his proposal to require the replacement of license plates over 10 years old, the Governor has decided not to move forward with the plan. The Governor and DMV had proposed requiring the replacement of all license plates over 10 years old.

As part of his mandatory replacement program, residents would be required to pay $25 for the new license plate and an additional $20 if they wished to keep their same plate number.

I voted against the legislation to allow for this charge when it passed in 2009 and I oppose the Governor’s most recent plan. In fact, I cosponsor legislation to prohibit charging additional fees for license plate replacements.

Perhaps most frustrating was the implication by the Governor that these charges were required when the law clearly gives authority to the Executive to charge less or waive the fee completely as has been done the last 10 years.

Facing tremendous backlash from myself and other representatives and overwhelming public opposition, the Governor announced that he would no longer require replacement. However, it remains unclear if he still plans to keep the proposed fee structure in place.  I assure you that I will continue to monitor this situation closely.

As I have stated many times before, New York State is simply too expensive and nickel-and-dime fees such as the Governor’s License Plate Tax only make matters worse. We should be advancing proposals that make New York more affordable – not increasing costs to support unsustainable spending.

See The Batavian's previous post about the license plate replacement fees here.

For the proposal as announced last month by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, click here.

September 11, 2019 - 3:49pm
posted by Billie Owens in 9/11, September 11, 2001, steve hawley, news.

A statement from Assemblyman Steve Hawley:

“On a day just like today 18 years ago, our nation came under attack. Nearly 3,000 citizens, firefighters and police officers, began their mornings just like any other. On that day they tragically lost their lives.

“No one could imagine the events that transpired that September morning, and for a moment our freedom was compromised.

“An attack intended to break our spirits and devastate our nation, in our darkest hour faced with pure evil, Americans responded with bravery and courage. An effort to tear us apart only brought us closer together.

“Today we hold the ones we love a little tighter, we remember those we lost and we honor those who gave everything to protect our freedom. 

“The memory of September 11, 2001 will remain in our hearts forever, but the strength and resiliency that defines this country will always prevail in the face of darkness.

“We will never forget.”

September 4, 2019 - 11:26am
posted by Billie Owens in news, Alabama, roundabout, steve hawley, dot.

Press release:

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) announced today that the state Department of Transportation (DOT) has reversed its decision to construct a roundabout at the dangerous intersection of State Route 77 and Ledge Road in the Town of Alabama in favor of a blinking yellow light on Route 77 and a blinking red light on Ledge Road.

The busy intersection is known to be very treacherous, having become a common site for traffic accidents, and is routinely used by tractor-trailers and farm vehicles as a gateway to the western portions of the state.

The Alabama Town Board recently passed a resolution opposing the construction of a roundabout for myriad reasons including cost, the need to build onto nearby private property, and the likelihood accidents would continue.

Hawley backed the town board’s opposition to the roundabout and twice requested that the DOT consider different alternatives to the proposed roundabout. 

“Although I am pleased that the state DOT deferred to the concerns of local citizens and the town board in this case, I hope and pray that all residents take the dangers surrounding this intersection seriously and heed all traffic signals and devices,” Hawley said.

“The proposed roundabout would have cost nearly $1.8 million in taxpayer money, whereas the new lights will cost less than $100,000 and be infinitely less intrusive to nearby residents’ properties and daily commuters. The citizens of Alabama know what works best for their community and I will happily stand behind their decision.”

August 31, 2019 - 7:21am
posted by Billie Owens in steve hawley, Survey, news.

Press release:

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) on Friday released the results of his 2019 Legislative Survey, which contained more than 2,200 responses from residents of all ages and party affiliations across Genesee, Orleans and Monroe counties.

The survey, conducted earlier this summer, covered topics such as gun control, dividing New York into two separate states, single-payer health care, abortion, farm worker unionization and plastic bag bans, among other topics. 

To take the survey, go to bit.ly/HawleySurvey

“Listening to our constituents’ concerns and questions is the prime responsibility we have as lawmakers and this survey proves, above all else, that most Western New Yorkers in my district are not supportive of the radical progressive policies coming out of Albany,” Hawley said.

“Things like giving pay raises to incarcerated felons and enacting a state takeover of healthcare are so far removed from the needs of millions of New Yorkers it continues to baffle me how they are considered top priorities by many downstate lawmakers.

"I look forward to continue traveling my district this fall and sharing these survey results with my neighbors as we gear up for next year’s session and lawmakers begin to formulate their legislative platforms.”

Highlights of Assemblyman Hawley’s Legislative Survey:

Do you support Assemblyman Hawley's "Two New Yorks" proposal (A.1687-a) that would create a non-binding ballot question of "Should New York be divided into two states?" (2,145 responses)

  • YES    80.2%
  • NO      19.8%

What do you think is the best way to grow New York's economy? (2,090 responses)

  • Cut taxes on small businesses                                                           62.6%
  • Lucrative tax breaks for out of state companies                                 3.3%
  • Have government take over certain sectors like health care              4.1%
  • Investment in infrastructure                                                                30%

Recreational marijuana is legal in 10 states and is being considered in New York. Do you support legalizing adult-use recreational marijuana? (2,169 responses)

  • YES    29.6%
  • NO      70.4%

Should immigrants who have not become citizens be allowed to obtain a New York State driver's license? (2,170 responses)

  • YES    13%
  • NO      87%

Should taxpayers fund an increase to the minimum wage for inmates in state prisons? (2,172 responses)

  • YES    6.6%
  • NO      93.4%

Do you support Assemblyman Hawley's call for an armed 'School Resource Officer' in every school in New York State? (2,140 responses)

  • YES    76.2%
  • NO      23.8%

Do you support a repeal of the NY-Safe Act? (2,085 responses)

  • YES    75.8%
  • NO      24.2%

Do you support allowing farm workers to unionize? (2,067 responses)

  • YES    33.5%
  • NO      66.5%
August 28, 2019 - 9:52am
posted by Billie Owens in news, steve hawley, DMV, license plate fee.

Press release from Assemblyman Steve Hawley:

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) is joining fellow legislators in cosponsoring a bill that will protect New York state drivers from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposed $25 mandated fee on new license plates.

The legislation, introduced last week by Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb, would prohibit the state Department of Motor Vehicles from requiring a fee when the design of the state license plate is changed.

“This is yet another hidden ‘money grab’ coming from the governor’s office,” Hawley said. “Cuomo has no problem wasting taxpayer dollars on new signs for his father’s bridge and undocumented immigrants, but loves to shake down the taxpayers for every cent of their hard-earned paychecks.”

Last week, the governor announced that license plates older than 10 years old will be subjected to the new replacement requirement. The governor’s plan imposes a mandated $25 fee, which is the maximum allowed by law for new plates, on top of the already-burdensome registration renewal costs. Drivers who want to keep their license plate number will also be forced to pay an extra $20 under his proposal.

According to Cuomo's plan: beginning April 1, 2020, through the plate replacement program, as customers renew their vehicle registrations over the next two years, those with license plates that are 10 years old or older will be issued new plates. The current $25 license plate replacement fee will be added to the cost of the vehicle owner's registration renewal. Customers may also keep their current license plate number for an additional $20 fee. Plate issuance begins for both original issuance and renewals on April 1.

The plate replacement program is part of the governor's efforts to modernize New York's transportation system. There is also a vote being taken by the governor's office for the new winning design among five that are proposed. Voting is underway now through Sept. 2.

In addition to whichever new design is chosen, there are 200 custom designs offered by the NY DMV.

For more information about the plate replacement program, click here.

(Image provided by Steve Hawley's office.)

August 21, 2019 - 9:50am

Submitted photo and press release:

When Lucy Minor stopped by Crossroads House to donate a power wheelchair used by her late husband, Travis, Executive Director Jeff Allen knew there was a value to it far greater than a resale price.

“Some donations are meant to be shared, not sold,” Allen said.

He then reached out to Genesee County Interagency Council, a network of local agencies, which immediately made use of their email network to spread the word.

LeeAnn Mullen contacted Crossroads House to put them in touch with 94-year-old Navy veteran Henry Kisiel, who is contemplating joining Assemblyman Steve Hawley on his 12th Annual Patriot Trip to Washington, D.C., next month.

Kisiel hopes the wheelchair will help overcome some of the logistical obstacles of making the trip.

Assemblyman Hawley joined members of the Minor family who delivered the wheelchair to Kisiel on Monday afternoon.

Kiesel noted that he and Steve’s father served on the Town of Batavia Board together many years ago.

Representative Hawley said that seats are still available for the Sept. 19-22 trip and any veterans interested can inquire by calling Hawley’s office at 585-589-5780.

Pictured are Henry Kisiel in his new chair, along with Steve Hawley, Maddie Minor, Jeff Allen and Mike Minor.

July 24, 2019 - 2:39pm
posted by Billie Owens in steve hawley, news, patriot trip, veterans.

Press release: 

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) announced today that seats are still available for his annual Patriot Trip to Washington, D.C., which will take place Sept. 19 – 22.

This will mark the 12th year Hawley has hosted the trip which allows local veterans and their family members to visit a host of famous military memorials in the Washington, D.C., area. 

The group will be staying in the newly redesigned Bethesda Marriott Hotel, located near downtown Bethesda, Md., featuring an outdoor pool, fitness center, the new M Club Lounge and multiple dining and drink options on premises. Check in will be on Sept. 19 and check out will be Sept. 22.

Anyone is now permitted to sign up, although priority will still be given to residents of the 139th Assembly District. The approximate cost of the trip is $400 per person and that includes meals, transportation and admission to the memorials.

**Those planning to visit the White House must sign up before July 30.

Attractions Hawley plans to visit this year on the trip include:

  • White House (Must sign up before July 30)
  • Gettysburg
  • Capitol
  • Air Force Memorial
  • Pentagon / 911 Memorial
  • World War II Memorial
  • Korean Memorial
  • Vietnam Memorial
  • Stephen F. Udvar Hazy Museum
  • Arlington National Cemetery
  • Wreath Laying Ceremony at Tomb of the Unknowns

If you or a veteran you know want more information about this year’s Patriot Trip XII, please call 585-589-5780 or email [email protected]. To view photos from previous years, use the following link: http://vetsdctrip2008.shutterfly.com/.

June 21, 2019 - 5:20pm
posted by Billie Owens in steve hawley, news.

A statement from Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) on the conclusion of the 2019 Legislative Session:

“While it is fair to say that radical left-wing forces used this year’s Legislature in favor of seemingly everyone but the law-abiding middle-class, end of session negotiations yielding a $100 million relief package for Lake Ontario flood victims, an expansion of the State and Municipal Facilities program to aid local governments, such as shoreline communities, and a reinstatement of our Extreme Winter Recovery Funds – used to repave and revamp damaged roads and highways.

“We fought diligently to expose the malfeasance behind the agenda of dDownstate politicians this year who pushed driver’s licenses for illegals, easing of marijuana laws and a slew of protections for criminals and those accused of crimes. 

“Despite these challenges, I am honored to have led the fight to protect our Gold Star families and ensure spouses and dependents of deceased military heroes receive the benefits they deserve. 

“I look forward to attending countless community events, meetings and functions this summer and fall – talking and listening to constituents and building a better understanding of their needs and desires to start 2020 off better than ever.”

June 18, 2019 - 1:34pm

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) [center] introduces several veterans of World War II on the Assembly Floor last Friday.

Submitted photo and press release:

Coinciding with the legislature’s celebration of Flag Day and the founding of the Army, Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) had the honor of introducing many veterans of World War Two on the Assembly Floor on Friday.

“World War II veterans, ‘The Greatest Generation’ are an elite and special group and it is important to frequently recognize and cherish their role in defending America’s freedom,” Hawley said. “Many of these brave young men and women volunteered, sometimes lying about their age in order to answer the call of duty.

"Their courage and bravery helped shape and preserve American exceptionalism, and it was truly an honor to introduce and meet with them in Albany.”

Hawley, a veteran of the Ohio Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserves, is the son of a World War II veteran himself, R. Stephen Hawley, who fought in Burma as part of Merrill’s Marauders.

Hawley also hosts an annual trip to Washington, D.C., each September, the Patriot Trip, joining local veterans and their families on a tour of our nation’s military and political monuments.

June 17, 2019 - 5:11pm
posted by Billie Owens in batavia, news, steve hawley, David Bellavia, Medal of Honor.

Press release:

Coinciding with the 244th Anniversary of the United State Army, Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) had the privilege of unanimously passing an Assembly Resolution Thursday in Albany honoring Staff Sergeant David Bellavia for receiving the Medal of Honor. The honor will be presented to him by President Trump on June 25.

Staff Sgt. Bellavia, who was born in Albion and lives in Batavia, will become the first living Iraq War veteran to receive the Medal of Honor after bravely rescuing his entire squad who had become trapped during the Battle of Fallujah. He then proceeded to engage the enemy, killing four and wounding a fifth, which ultimately led to the safety of three squads of the Third Platoon.

“Staff Sgt. David Bellavia is a true example of the American courage, bravery and heroics that have forged our great nation and he is beyond deserving of this tremendous honor,” Hawley said.

“His willingness to put the lives and protection of others above himself during the Iraq War’s most intense battle is a priceless act of selflessness to which we should all emulate and, for that, he is an American hero. I am honored to recognize Staff Sgt. Bellavia for his service to our nation and thank him for his sacrifices in protecting our country and its citizens.”

June 14, 2019 - 6:33pm
posted by Billie Owens in steve hawley, news, army, veterans.

A statement from Assemblyman Steve Hawley commemorating the founding of the Army.

“For nearly two and a half centuries the U.S. Army has courageously served our country. On June 14, 1775 the Continental Congress established the United Continental Army under the command of General George Washington to serve the United Colonies for a year.

“Today, we celebrate the 244th birthday of the Army and in doing so celebrate the heroic sacrifices of all the men and women who have served in defense of our freedom and liberty. Across the nation we recognize and honor the more than 1 million active members of the unified Army and the 180,000 Army soldiers and personnel deployed overseas.

“I am proud to have served in the Ohio Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserves, reaching the rank of First Lieutenant, while always remembering my father, a World War Two veteran who fought as a member of Merrill’s Marauders in Burma.

“Loyalty, duty and selfless-service have characterized the Army since its inception. From the beaches of Normandy to the rolling hills of Afghanistan and Iraq, we bear in mind the brave men and women who have generously sacrificed so much for our country. In the spirit of solemn thanksgiving and praise, we wish a happy birthday to the U.S. Army.”

June 14, 2019 - 6:29pm
posted by Billie Owens in steve hawley, Flag Day, news.

A statement on Flag Day from Assemblyman Steve Hawley:

“Today’s annual celebration of Flag Day is a reminder of the traditions, history, pride and respect given to the nation's symbol, Old Glory. On June 14, 1777 the Second Continental Congress passed a resolution declaring the Stars and Stripes to be the official flag of the U.S. In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson passed a decree officially marking June 14 as Flag Day. 

“The celebration of Flag Day is a historic reminder of the struggles and triumphs that have made our country what it is today. By honoring our flag, we direct our minds to the ideals and principles that undergird our nation and are reminded of the many rights and privileges bestowed upon us as American citizens.

“Our country is proud of our flag and the principles of freedom and democracy it stands for at home and all across the world. The celebration of Flag Day on June 14 has been a long and honorable tradition and I hope many of you will join me this year in honoring the American Flag by displaying one at your home to show your love and pride in our great nation.”

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