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Caller claims neighbor purposely locked pet cats out of house, stranding them on roof

By Billie Owens

A caller to dispatch says a neighbor at an apartment on Chestnut Street in the city intentionally locked cats out of the house, leaving them stranded on the roof. A police officer is responding.

UPDATE 1:39 p.m.: The Chestnut Street resident was home when a police officer and an animal control officer arrived. The resident, who has two cats, says one of them likes to go out on the roof over a room on the first floor. That's why the screenless window is left open on sunny, pleasant days such as this so the feline can survey all and bask in sunlight. The cat can mosey back inside at any point. One of the officers asked the resident if they could bring the cat inside since someone has concerns about it and the resident acquiesced.

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