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Motorcyclist speeding through the city

By Billie Owens

A speeding motorcycle is zooming through the city and the police have determined not to engage it. It was westbound at about 80 mph, then headed up Lewiston Road going about 115 mph, an officer tells dispatch.

UPDATE 5:31 p.m.: An officer tells a dispatcher the motorcycle was last seen heading down "Townline Road."

Two-car accident with injuries reported in front of Tops in Le Roy

By Billie Owens

A two-car accident with injuries is reported in front of Tops market at 128 W. Main St., Le Roy. It is blocking traffic. Le Roy fire and an ambulance are responding.

UPDATE 11:16 a.m.: Medics are cancelled. A flatbed tow is called for one of the vehicles involved.

Possible structure fire reported in Le Roy

By Billie Owens

A possible structure fire is reported at a business at 53 Church St. in Le Roy. Le Roy fire responding, along with city engine #11.

Village police are on scene. Possibly involves sawdust from a side vent; exterior only. Venting now; building evacuated. Caledonia is also called. All units to proceed until there's confirmation of no smoke or fire.

Orcon Industries is the business located at this address. The vent in question is on the second story.

UPDATE 11:22 a.m.: The city is returning to fire headquarters.

UPDATE 11:25 a.m.: Church Street command says a sawdust vent appears to be faulty; investigating.

UPDATE 11:36 a.m.: Firefighters located a small fire in the dust collectors. It's knocked down and responders are picking up and returning to service.

Tree trimmer's harness broke as he dangled 40 feet in the air, clutching bucket of his work truck -- all OK now

By Billie Owens

A tree trimmer was dangling from a broken white harness while hanging 40 feet in the air. He was clutching onto the bucket of a work truck he was using at 10096 Perry Road, Pavilion.

He is now safely in the bucket, which has been brought down and he denies injury. Pavilion fire and Le Roy's ladder truck were responding but they are standing down. Mercy medics will continue in nonemergency mode to confirm everything's OK.

UPDATE: Reader-submitted photo.

UPDATE: The person who provided the picture asked us to take it down.

Two accidents with injuries reported on westbound Thruway

By Billie Owens

Two accidents with injuries are reported on the westbound Thruway in the area of mile marker 396.8. A male in a van in the left lane is injured and two children and their mother are also occupants; unknown injuries. A female in a vehicle in the median is also injured.

Three ambulances are called in, including one from Alexander and two Mercy rigs. Pembroke fire is in command and East Pembroke Fire Department is on scene as mutual aid.

UPDATE: 3:30 p.m.: A mother and baby were transported to ECMC. A father and daughter were transported to John. R. Oshei Children's Hospital in Buffalo.

Tree down blocking one lane in Bethany

By Billie Owens

A tree is down and blocking half the roadway in the vicinity of Dublin and Buckman roads in Bethany. There's a phone wire down, too.

Bethany Fire Department is responding and they are in contact with the town highway department. Fire police are also responding with cones and traffic control.

Gas line struck and leaking during construction project at Pavilion Elementary School

By Billie Owens

A natural gas line was struck and is leaking during a construction project at Pavilion Elementary School, located at 7071 York Road, Pavilion. RG&E is the caller to dispatch and is responding to the scene. The smell of leaking natural gas is apparent, according to a dispatcher.

UPDATE 1:47 p.m.: "If you want to give them a call back and let them know it's leaking and they're still digging," says a caller to dispatch about the construction crew on site. ... "We shut the road down. We'll just wait for RG&E." Dispatcher's response: "All set with tones."

Car struck parked car on Harvester Avenue, city police are out with the driver now

By Billie Owens

A car has struck a parked car on Harvester Avenue, just south of Colorado Avenue. City police are on scene with city fire.

Mercy medic #3 is told to respond in nonemergency mode. "It'll probably be a sign-off," says command.

Two flatbed tows are needed.

Police are out with the driver now.

UPDATE 12:58 a.m.: Mercy medic #3 is on scene.

UPDATE 1:02 a.m.: Command asks dispatch to change the address to 130 1/2 Harvester Ave.

Car vs. pedestrian accident reported in Target parking lot

By Billie Owens

A car vs. pedestrian accident is reported in the Target parking lot at 4300 Veterans Memorial Drive in Batavia. Those involved are "right up front." The pedestrian is still down in the roadway. Mercy medics and city fire responding.

Porch fire rekindles on Gilhooly Road, Alexander

By Billie Owens

The porch fire at 4225 Gilhooly Road, Alexander, has rekindled. Alexander Fire Department is responding.

UPDATE 2:41 p.m.: The Alexander assignment is back in service.

Turtle in the road Le Roy prompts call to dispatch

By Billie Owens

A turtle was in the road on Church Street in the Village of Le Roy, says a caller to dispatch, and now it's on the sidewalk but there are children playing with it. A Le Roy police officer is responding.

UPDATE 12:04 p.m.: "The turtle has been removed; that job can now be cleared," an officer tells dispatch.

Dog on roof reported on Washington Avenue in the city

By Billie Owens

A dog is reported to be on the roof in the first block of Washington Avenue in the city. Officers are responding.

UPDATE 2:30 p.m.: Dispatch has left a message on the resident's voicemail machine. An officer at the residence reports the dog has opted to go back inside the house, but still has access the roof. "I'll be hanging in the area until we get it secured," says the officer.

Car vs. pedestrian accident with possible serious injuries on West Main Street, Batavia

By Billie Owens

A car vs. pedestrian accident with possible serious injuries is reported at 229 W. Main St., in front of Ken Barrett's Chevolet dealership. City fire is en route. Mercy medics are responding. Police are on scene. Mercy Flight out of Batavia is on ground standby.

UPDATE 2:13 p.m.: Mercy Flight is called to scene and directed to land behind city fire headquarters in a grassy area off Evans Street. City Ladder #15's crew is the ground contact.

UPDATE 2:23 p.m.: Mercy Flight has landed behind city fire headquarters.

UPDATE 2:38 p.m.: Mercy Flight is airborne and heading to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester. The city assignment on West Main is back in service.

UPDATE 4:35 p.m.: From the City of Batavia Police Department -- The City of Batavia Police Department is investigating a car vs. pedestrian personal injury accident that occurred on Tuesday, June 22, at about 2:03 p.m. in front of 229 W. Main St., Batavia. A pedestrian was crossing West Main Street and was struck by an SUV that was traveling eastbound. The pedestrian was transported by Mercy Flight to Strong Hospital to be treated for his injuries, which are unknown at this time. The investigation is ongoing and the names of the individuals involved will not be released at this time. The City of Batavia Police Department would like to thank the City of Batavia Fire Department, Mercy EMS and Mercy Flight Air Crew for their assistance with the initial investigation.

Top photo: City police say this dark-colored SUV was involved in the accident where a pedestrian was struck.

Below: Emergency personnel at the scene while the patient is being stablized in the ambulance in order to transport them to city fire headquarters where Mercy Flight has landed.

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Unruly parents prompt the law to respond to Pavilion ball field

By Billie Owens

Law enforcement is called to the Pavilion Baseball Field for a complaint that 10 to 12 parents are arguing. The location is 11302 S. Lake Road.

UPDATE 1:03 p.m.: "We're gonna hang out here a bit," says a deputy. "It's apparently heated on both sides."

UPDATE 11:08 p.m. (by Howard): We received the following email from Tim Kingdon.

Hi Howard this is Tim Kingdon president of pavilion youth baseball. I'd like for you to update your story you posted earlier today with what happened. First, there were no Pavilion parents kids or teams involved it was two softball teams one from Arcade the other from Arkport who were playing in tournament using our field as a neutral site. There wasn't even a Pavilion team in the tournament. The way your post is titled makes it out to be that it was an incident between Pavilion parents and another town and it couldn't be any further from the truth. Thanks.

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Nowhere in the post or the headline does it suggest Pavilion parents were involved. The headline and post both say the incident occurred in Pavilion without any mention of where the parents might be from. We are happy however to clarify that no Pavilion parents were involved.

Third rekindle of hay bales on Warsaw Road reported

By Billie Owens

A third rekindle of hay bales at 9420 Warsaw Road prompts Le Roy Fire Department to respond. The location is between Perry and Cole roads.

UPDATE 1:20 p.m.: "It's going to be the sawdust that is burning," says command, not the hay bales.

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