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Clover 'the rover' is roaming around the Raymond Avenue area of the city

By Billie Owens

The little lemon-lime-eyed minx above lives in the area of Raymond Avenue in the City of Batavia.

Her name is Clover and she's a rover, having "slipped out" under cover of darkness Saturday night.

Clover is solid black, 5 years old, petite and "very shy." She has a pink and black collar with a weensy bell dangling from it.

She is the pet of two little girls who "are devastated" by her disappearance. Their brother is not too bothered by the situation, according to Dad, because he holds no strong opinion of the feline one way or the other.

Asked about sundry details that make Clover special, Dad says she's goat-like, in that she butts her head into you robustly when she wants to be petted. And Clover is a tad obsessive-complusive about grooming, to the point of having thinned out her fur on her bottom half and her tail. 

He said she reminds him of the cartoon character "Toothless" from the DreamWorks animated film "How to Train Your Dragon."

The other cat in the household goes in and out all the time, but Clover never gave any indication she was the least bit interested in the outside world.

It is possible, Dad, we asked, that she plotted this breakout long ago and was waiting for the opportune moment? (Who was training whom?)

Dad thinks someone should come up with a Tile for finding missings pets, just like they have for missing car keys. He's sure there's a market for that. He'd buy one.

If Clover is found or spotted, please call 297-9080, or email:

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