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Sheriff's Office warns of Craigslist scam using iTunes gift cards to buy vehicles

By Billie Owens

Press release from the Genesee County Sheriff's Office:

The Genesee County Sheriff's Office would like the residents of Genesee County to be aware of a scam that is going around. The Sheriff's Office has received complaints where residents attempting to purchase motor vehicles on Craigslist are being asked to pay for these items with iTunes gift cards.

The transaction process is through a fraudulent Apple Pay account that the suspect sets up for the victim. The victim then purchases the gift cards and is required to contact a fraudulent 1-800 number and give the suspect the redemption codes on the back of the iTunes gift cards before they'll ship the vehicle.

The suspect never delivers the vehicle and the iTunes gift cards are redeemed by the suspect.

If anyone encounters this type of scenario, please do not move forward with payment and contact the Sheriff's Office at 585-343-5000.

Cathie Plaisted

Another scam I came across with itune cards (which hearing this one makes some sense now) while servicing a gift card unit in Geneva, NY. Supposedly a police officer from Florida had called an older gentleman who came in looking for $500 itune cards - he needed 4 - because a little known nephew was in jail in florida and needed to be bailed out. $2000. I (hopefully) persuaded the man to go to the local police dept who should be able to help with the situation.

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