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St. Joe's annual Spelling Bee results - 'spaghetti' was the winning word

By Billie Owens
Jun 2, 2015, 4:01pm

Press release:

St. Joseph Catholic School's sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders participated in our annual Spelling Bee; below are those who placed in the top seven:

7th place: David Doan, of Batavia
6th place: Faith Falkowski, of Batavia
5th place: Rachel Nickerson, of Elba
4th Place: Spencer Misiti, of Batavia
3rd Place: Isabelle Cooper, of Pavillon
2nd Place: Bella March, of Batavia
1st Place: Adryona Miller, of Albion

The winning word was, "spaghetti."

George Richardson

Could you use it in a sentence?

If you go to the basement of any church in town on any night of the week there will be a fundraiser featuring Sketty and meatballs for ten dollars.

Spaghetti. S k e t t y. Spaghetti.

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