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Warren Redlich Press Release

By Dave Olsen

 Warren Redlich released this on Sat. May 22,2010. 


Cuomo Plan Falls Short

22 May 2010, 12:28 pm

Release to media today in light of Andrew Cuomo’s announcement:

Andrew Cuomo’s “plan” for New York lacks substance. Cutting spending requires more than vague ideas. It means firing people, cutting pay and reducing benefits. Any candidate should have the decency to say who will get hurt.

Warren Redlich is the only candidate who names specific agencies to eliminate and the only one who proposes to cap pay and pensions for government jobs.

With Warren Redlich, workers know whether or not they’re safe. With Cuomo, Lazio, Levy and Paladino, everyone has to worry.

The Redlich plan eliminates spending on corporate welfare and unnecessary agencies so we can reopen parks, stop teacher layoffs and prevent new taxes.

For more on Warren’s plan for New York, see

Warren Redlich is the Libertarian nominee for Governor. He is also seeking the Republican nomination.


Brian Graz

I agree completely that Redlich is [would be] the 'best choice' running for Gov of NY 2010. But as has been the status quo for decades now, the campaign process is dysfunctional due primarily to being money dependent [Paladino can afford to spend $9M of his own money] and many a 'much better' choice goes almost un-noticed.

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