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Governor race

Newest Campaign Video

By Dave Olsen

 Stop Wasting Money, NY. And Stop Wasting Your Vote on the same-o same-o lame-o Demicans and Republocrats, they never change


Paladino to receive endorsement of county GOP chairman

By WBTA News

Candidate for governor Carl Paladino will be appearing in Batavia at 1 p.m. to receive the personal endorsement of Genesee County Republican Party Committee Chairman Richard Siebert.

County GOP Vice Chairman Don Read and County Treasurer Scott German will also be on hand to give their personal endorsements to Paladino.

A Buffalo businessman, Paladino is running in the Republican Party primary and is also attempting to found his own political party in New York, to be called the Taxpayers Party.

Lazio? Cuomo? What's the Difference? Not Much

By Dave Olsen

 In 2004 private citizens, Andrew Cuomo and Rick Lazio co-hosted a radio show in New Rochelle, NY, where they acted like old pals and complemented each other for their work on making housing affordable when Cuomo was HUD Secretary and Lazio was the House chair of the Housing Opportunity sub-committee. Pretty fascinating stuff (if you're a political nerd like me), about 2 guys out of politics that really want back in.  Anyway here is the audio of the show, it's a hour long and I haven't yet been able to listen to all of it.


and the Blog that turned me on to it.


I will try to listen to it tonight, as I have things to do now.

Warren Redlich Press Release

By Dave Olsen

 Warren Redlich released this on Sat. May 22,2010. 


Cuomo Plan Falls Short

22 May 2010, 12:28 pm

Release to media today in light of Andrew Cuomo’s announcement:

Andrew Cuomo’s “plan” for New York lacks substance. Cutting spending requires more than vague ideas. It means firing people, cutting pay and reducing benefits. Any candidate should have the decency to say who will get hurt.

Warren Redlich is the only candidate who names specific agencies to eliminate and the only one who proposes to cap pay and pensions for government jobs.

With Warren Redlich, workers know whether or not they’re safe. With Cuomo, Lazio, Levy and Paladino, everyone has to worry.

The Redlich plan eliminates spending on corporate welfare and unnecessary agencies so we can reopen parks, stop teacher layoffs and prevent new taxes.

For more on Warren’s plan for New York, see

Warren Redlich is the Libertarian nominee for Governor. He is also seeking the Republican nomination.


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