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Another snowy day

By Brian Hillabush

 My car is totally stuck in the driveway today and I'm not going to shovel it out. Luckily my friend has a snowblower and could get out of his driveway, so I'm at his house watching games. I enjoyed driving around on Friday taking photos and talking to people, but unfortunately it would take too long to clear out my driveway, and I need to watch football.

I'm not going to be risking my life driving around today, like I did on Friday. I think it might actually be worse out there today than the other day.

But here are a few pics from my neighborhood before I left.

Tim McGreevy

man i had to shovel my girlfriend's dad's driveway on Saturday from the snow on Friday, that was a task and it's probably all covered now oh well, got 20 bucks haha

Dec 21, 2008, 10:22pm Permalink

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